Wolf Moon #6



The end is here. The final issue of Wolf Moon launched last week, bringing Cullen Bunn and Jeremy Haun’s unique take on the werewolf mythos to a close. It’s been a rocky journey up to this point, though it’s hard to say if the ending made it a journey worth taking.

This issue gives Dillon his best shot at eliminating the wolf. He’s found the host and has one more night to kill them before the spirit moves on. Unfortunately, the host is an innocent teenage girl. The moral dilemma presented here is conveniently sidestepped when the rogue hunter kidnaps the girl and draws the wolf spirit into his own body. While Dillon and Cayce battle the beast to the bloody end, new questions arise about the wolf spirit and what it’s capable of.


The series benefitted from a strong start and an engaging new take on werewolves. Where it faltered was in the overarching story. That trend continues into this issue. Bunn does some interesting things in terms of expanding his mythology, but overall the ending feels too flashy. The final fight is cool, but it doesn’t carry any real emotion. It’s hard to care about Dillon and his motivations at this point. When it’s revealed that he might be hunting the wolf because he misses hunting as the wolf, it feels forced and a bit pointless. It might have been interesting to explore sooner, but here it just doesn’t work. The final page gives what feels like a halfhearted attempt at a classic horror twist, needlessly paving the way for a sequel.

Jeremy Haun may have been born to draw werewolves. The creature in the book is horrifying and awesome to behold. Whether he’s a hulking silhouette or ripping bloody chunks out of our protagonist, the panels capture the ferocity and intimidation of the wolf. The linework is aggressive and infuses the visceral panels with grotesque energy. The colors by Lee Loughridge are a perfect fit for the monster, making great use of light and shadow. I would also like to point out this issue has one of the best covers of the week by Leonardo Manco and colored by Trish Mulvihill.


Wolf Moon #6 was a lackluster ending to a story with wasted potential. I wanted to love this series, but in the end the story wasn’t the same caliber as the mythos. Casual horror fans will want to pass on this series, though fans of werewolves in particular will find some good material here. If anything, Haun’s depictions of the beast are worth the look.

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