MEGABOOK 4 wants you!

So a few weeks ago I talked about the submission openings for Oni Press but this week I have received news from my friend Mike Rickaby about the latest super indie anthology—MEGABOOK 4! Mike is calling all “Megaphiles” for submissions to the fourth volume of his giant comic anthology which has broken records for downloads in the past on Drive Thru Comics and other online distributors.

I myself have been a contributor to MEGABOOK since the release of its first volume in 2011, and I’ve contributed faithfully over the years but I love seeing the growth with each new volume that Mike and the other brains at CE Publishing produce, as each successive anthology only gets bigger than its predecessor, and Mike makes it clear that he wants to continue that trend. MEGABOOK accepts submissions from any and all creators, which makes it a great opportunity for unknown talents to finally get their names out. While there has been no payment to contributors in the past since MEGABOOK has always been free to download, the free exposure alone is as good of a payment as any in addition to networking a bit with other up-and-coming talents in comics, as creators make fans and become fans of others. I can attest to this because I discovered comics that I follow, such as Demon Fist, in the original MEGABOOK anthology. Mike Rickaby of CE Publishing along with several other indie publishers are passionate about comics and want to help other indie creators get their start or just an extra leg-up in the industry and even if you’re a writer of prose, as I was in my first submissions, still feel free to contribute.

Action, comedy, horror, cowboys, aliens, superheroes, myths, magic, mayhem or whatever you like can all be found in MEGABOOK so this time around make sure that whatever story you have to tell gets in the largest anthology yet. There is nothing to lose and Mike has been hinting at new possibilities for M4 that have not been done with its predecessors, so I hope everyone with a story to tell gets onboard.

For submission guidelines, please check out Mikes’ page here:


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  1. Man… You are just Awesome ET! You know MEGABOOK better than even I do… The pulse of MEGABOOK runs deeply through your veins. You’re the Indie’s Indy.
    Thanks Buddy!

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