Milk for the Ugly

milk for the ugly

Today I wanted to bring attention to a motion comic I discovered not too long ago on DeviantArt, even though I am sure plenty have heard of it before.  Milk for the Ugly is a unique tale about the inner demons of mankind and the old woman who protects the world from them.

When the strange Mrs. Dorothy Abney receives a visit from social service worker Henry Whittaker  in response to complaints about animal noises and the stench coming from her apartment, she reveals to Mr. Whittaker that there are dark beings called “uglies” living in the world that feed on humans that she must keep contained.  Hoping to win Henry to her cause so that he can take on her duty when she passes away, Mrs. Abney finds in the end that things will only become more complicated for her.

Motion comics interest me because of how far static artwork has come in the digital age. With some artwork overlaid to give the impression of moving characters at a click or glide of the mouse, some sound effects and a decent music score, the comic experience is greatly enhanced.  I know it’s basically the same as watching an animated cartoon with subtitles in word bubbles and action in individual frames, but comics like Milk for the Ugly tell a unique story with subtle animation where action is needed and evoking a lot of emotions (I felt chills in my spine at a few points, a heaviness in my heart for Mrs. Abney, and I chuckled a few times), which is what I think comic artists want to achieve in their art.  Also, unlike a cartoon, motion comics give the audience a slightly more interactive experience, and I look forward to the day when these stories become more akin to video games, if that is a possibility for the near future.


If you haven’t read Milk for the Ugly yet, please check it out here at and hopefully some of you will be inspired to create the next awesome motion comic I read!  Until next time!

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