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Last Friday I made my way to the theaters to see one of the many movies on my “Hot Summer Cinema” list, Jurassic World, and despite the predictable twists and recycled bits from the original Jurassic Park this movie did not disappoint.  In fact, this movie did the OG Jurassic Park more justice than the previous sequels could, in my opinion.  With the movie already grossing nearly a billion dollars just coming up on its second weekend, I’m sure plenty of people reading this have probably already viewed it, but for those of you who have not I say, “WARNING! SOME SPOILERS AHEAD!” and my summary will be brief.


Twenty years after the chaos of Jurassic Park, brothers Zach and Gray are invited to spend a week at the island resort, now known as Jurassic World, where their Aunt Claire works as one of the directors of operations.  With the park’s revenue declining, a new dinosaur, dubbed the Indomitus Rex, is made to attract more visitors.  Unfortunately, the Indomitus Rex has camouflage, the ability to hide its heat signature, superior size and ferocity to a T-Rex and the mind of a psychopath, which blend together to create a killing machine that sets the whole place into panic mode when it gets loose.  In order to bring the park back under control and trap the new super dino, ex-navy man and raptor trainer Star Lord, er, Owen Grady, is brought in to assist, but as expected of any Jurassic Park movie, things don’t go as planned.  Even with the combined efforts of the resort’s security team, the animal trainers, and a squad of tamed raptors, the human heroes only encounter more problems (which they actually created for themselves in a test tube) when they realize the Indomitus Rex is also part raptor and it convinces Grady’s raptors to bite the hand that feeds them along with a few others.  In the end, the humans realize that the only way to win against the new beasty is to use “more teeth” and the heavy weight champion from the original movie is brought in to duke it out with the new dino in town in the epic final showdown.


Besides the fact that this movie is continuing a classic franchise and they added Chris Pratt, what makes this movie so awesome is the Easter eggs that take us back to the original Jurassic Park. There are many that I am sure I missed, but I was aware going into the movie that the original T-Rex would be returning along with Dr. Henry Wu.  I also appreciated seeing the animated DNA character, the original park’s visitor center, a hologram of my favorite frilled, venom-spitting dinosaur, and a statue of Dr. Hammond included.  The classic Jurassic Park t-shirts, goggles, and jeeps were also prominently featured in the movie.  And considering that the T-rex had to fight off the raptors in the conclusion of the original movie, seeing the same T-rex team up with a raptor to tag team the hybrid monster was just great.  This movie was very well done and with Dr. Wu and the Ingen guys escaping the island with some of the dino embryos, I’m hoping to see the franchise continue, even though it seems like it would be hard to go any bigger or better after it took three attempts at sequels for something to be made that was   as good as the original.

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