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This week I am going to talk about a bunch of books. I have recently started, finished, and highly anticipated the return of a number of books. Let’s dig in!

The first book I want to talk about is Vertigo’s The Kitchen, issue number 8, “To The End” by Ollie Masters with art by Ming Doyle. This was the final issue of the story… thankfully. This is a book that fizzled around issue 3 for me. I didn’t realize it because I wasn’t picking it up regularly for awhile but this book started out swimmingly with a story of promise, and it fell on its face. There is an awkward time jump and the entire story just feels rushed. I feel like this book should have been 10 or 12 issues to have a satisfying ending. The art was pretty but the writing was kind of dull and stereotypical, 2/5.

Next up is DC’s Robin: Son of Batman, issue number one, “Year of Blood: Part One” written and drawn by Patrick Gleason. This book is basically the continuation of the amazing Batman and Robin run by Peter Tomasi and the aforementioned Gleason. The art is the same and, while Damian is solo adventuring with a giant bat named Goliath, we see characters from Batman and Robin… most noticeably is the apparent villain of this arc, a person with ties to Nobody. This idea is perfect actually since it symbolically ties this series even closer to Batman and Robin, 3.5/5.

Finally, after a few short months, Image’s Rasputin has returned! I am talking about Rasputin, issue number 6, written by Alex Grecian with art by Riley Rossmo. Rasputin took a short break, seemingly a mid series break (??), and has now returned… to show our titular character in the resent/near future. I was worried when I first heard of this new development and read the issue with trepidation. I am cautiously optimistic now though. The issue was not as good as past issues but it was interesting to see where this book is going. Its jump to the present day is fun and will allow for some interesting story telling… but it still was not as great, the best part the issue being the flashback. As much as I hate to say it, I hope this is a miniseries and not an ongoing now… this issue gets 2.5 out of 5.

*** SPOILERS ***

The following paragraph will reveal a spoiler for Walking Dead issue 143. Stop now if that matters to you.


*** SPOILERS ***

Finally I want to discuss a book I always love but rarely review. Image’s The Walking Dead, issue 143 “A Union” written by Robert Kirkman with art by Charlie Adlard. This issue is crazy. Rick finally meets the Whisperers and finds Carl. But it’s the last panel that makes this book so amazing. The finally panel is a full page spread and shows Alpha, leader of the Whisperers, showing Rick the equivalent of a nuclear bomb. She shows Rick an army of walkers. Trapped in corral of sorts are easily 5000 walkers. This is a weapon of mass destruction that would wipe out all of Rick’s work. But it’s the logical conclusion that is the scariest, and that conclusion is that the Whisperers can control the movements of the dead and can handle herds. Besides being a deadly weapon this would make an amazing ability for scouts and scavengers of Rick’s group, allowing people to avoid and control herds while safely searching the area. Rick should make peace with these people and learn their ways. As always this book is 5/5.

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