Love Letter: Batman Edition by Seiji Kanai


Arkham Asylum has been breached. Gotham City’s most dangerous criminals have emptied into the streets, and it’s up to you to bring down as many villains as possible. You and up to three opponents will compete against each other to capture Batman’s most dangerous foe: The Joker.

Love Letter: Batman Edition, created by Seiji Kanai, is a deceptively simple card game. In fact, there are only 16 cards in the entire deck. The object of the game is to get capture the highest rank villain that has escaped into Gotham City. To do this, you must either either eliminate all of your opponents or have the highest card value at the end of the round.

The deck is shuffled and the top card is placed face-down next to the deck. Then each player picks up a single card. The first round begins with the youngest player drawing a second card and playing either of the cards. Every time a card is played, it is placed face-up in front of the player.  Each of the eight cards have a different action.

  • Batman: Choose a player and name a card (other than guard). If that player has the card, they are out of the round.
  • Catwoman: Choose a player and look at their hand. Do not reveal their hand to other players.
  • Bane: Choose a player still in the round. Compare your hands in secret. The player with the lower number is out of the round.
  • Robin: This card protects you from all others until your next turn.
  • Poison Ivy: Choose a player (including yourself). They must discard their hand.
  • Two-Face: Trade hands with another player.
  • Harley Quinn: Unlike other cards, the countess only has an effect while in your hand. If you have the Countess and either the King or Prince you must discard the Countess.
  • The Joker: If you discard this card, whether it is by choice or not, you are out of the round.

Each player may have a reference card that lists the effects of each card and the number of each particular character card within the deck. From there, it’s a matter of deduction and taking risks to eliminate your opponents and claw your way to the top.

When the round ends, the winning player is awarded a token and they start the next round. Depending on the number of players, a certain number of tokens must be earned before you win the game.

Love Letter is a game that can take you from the lowest lows to the highest highs and vice versa. You can lose on the first turn of the round only to come back in the next round with a decisive victory. There’s no greater thrill than seeing your opponent’s shoulders sag with defeat.

This is a fast-paced, approachable card game that offers a surprising level of strategy for such a small deck. A game can be completed in five to ten minutes, making it the perfect game to take on the go or play in your break room. Each card has a nice illustration of the ‘New 52’ versions of the characters. One thing to note is the cards are susceptible to damage over time. So, if they’re going to be used heavily, I would recommend getting card protectors for your set.

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