Super Angry Birds #1

SAB 1 cover

“When New Yolk City is in peril, only one team is brave enough, bold enough, mad enough to stand up and fight for the rights of its citizens… They are the Super Angry Birds!” From IDW Publishing, written by Jeff Parker, with art by Ron Randall, coloring by Jeremy Colwell, and letters by Pisara Oy, this comic giving the superhero treatment to the characters from the highly successful mobile app game was a surprising gem to me. I just happened to discover it in the free comics section of Comixology and after some time putting it off, I finally decided to read it.

Super Angry Birds #1 starts off with the team picking a fight with King Pig’s henchmen after some members of the green pigs’ gang destroy their favorite sandwich shop. Following the brawl, word gets to the King Pig of Crime himself, who coerces Mr. Mighty, owner of the Eagle’s Eye newspaper, to write an exposé on the vigilantes. The super-fast Chaser, fiery Bomb, powerful Thunder, and their indestructible leader, Red, are tailed by a reporter who discovers the identities and residence of the Super Angry Birds team. However, thanks to the persuasion of a mutual friend of Mr. Mighty and the Birds, the pigs don’t get the story that they had hoped for.

This comic does well with using elements from the games and reimagining them to parody a regular superhero story. I’m not a huge fan of superhero books outside of the ones that had cartoons I grew up with, but an all-ages story developed from a simple strategy game has some comical appeal, even though there really weren’t many jokes to be found in this book. I feel like a comic such as this one should not try as hard to take itself too seriously, but it is only the first issue, so it is probably meant to only introduce the characters and setting, rather than set the tone for the series I hope. The artwork is wonderful though, the story is solid, and there is plenty of potential for the laughs to come in future issues.

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