Kickstarter Strobe Light: Space Sagas, Derby Girls, and International Comix


I’m on a bit of a Kickstarter binge at the moment. Admittedly some of my motivation is to research the platform for when I eventually launch my own campaign, but I’m finding the site to be as captivating for backers as it is for its could-be creators.

There’s just so much good stuff that might happen on there. While I initially set out to feature only a single project this week, I found it impossible to narrow my list past four. Two have already met their funding goals, though it isn’t too late to pledge and receive some swag for backing them. The other two comics’ fates have yet to be determined.

That’s where we come in. I figure trading in a Spotlight for a Strobe Light only improves the chances of us seeing some good reads come from crowdfunded creations.

Asphodel: A Mythic Space Opera

Asphodel is a self-described space opera written by Alex Kane and hand painted by Gale Galligan.

Set in a far-future spacescape, Kane and Galligan follow humanity down a path paved in cyborg demigoddesses, digital realities, and interstellar warfare. Their Kickstarter campaign is dedicated to funding the first issue of what’s designed to be an ongoing series.

$4 lands a digital copy, $15 gets all 22 pages of the printed issue shipped to your door (US postage, I should specify), and there are plenty more perks after that. They’re aiming for sometime in November.

With only 6 days remaining, Asphodel: A Mythic Space Opera is sitting at roughly 2/3 of its goal. Of the four Kickstarters featured in today’s post, support for this one will likely carry the biggest impact in terms of success as a crowdfunded effort.

Pierre Feuille Ciseaux #5

This project is an “experimental comics residency program,” where creators from all over the globe gather in one room for a week just to see what happens. Pierre Feuille Ciseaux (or Rock Paper Scissors in English) was established five years ago, though this marks the first time artwork from the retreat will be printed and distributed at this scale.

As an already-funded endeavor, supporting PFC #5 is less about buying a book and more about donating to the unabashed creativity that flows freely from the comix community. What doesn’t flow freely, unfortunately, is paper.

The printed book will feature selected pieces from PFC #5, containing over 24 pages collected in a 2-color, Riso-printed book. I’m not sure what those last bits mean entirely, but it can’t be a bad thing — of the 250 or so books they plan to print, only 50 are left!


13 Light-Years Away

13dogDon’t unpack quite yet, because we’re going back to space with this next book. 13 Light-Years Away (13LYA) appears to be a quirky, intergalactic love story full of post-apocalyptic intrigue and star-crossed lovers.

Being marketed as “Chapter 0,” this campaign is less than a week old. Rachel Everett, the comic’s creator, is seeking funding at the moment only for the digital circulation of Chapter 0 as a 16-page trailer to the longer narrative she’d like to tell.

13LYA traces the romance between Felix and Shrift. Felix is a boy stuck on a very doomed Earth. A plague has ruined his planet, somehow sparing both Felix and his uncle, Angus. (Not gonna lie: I wasn’t onboard for sure until Angus came around.)

Their search for a new home leads them to the planet Litheii, where Felix begins what might very well be one of the longest long-distance relationship in the known universe as he and Shrift — an inhabitant of Litheii — start to communicate via the robotic probe that Felix and his uncle sent to her planet.

For a small-scale project, 13YLA is in good shape. Chapter 0 is about to hit the 50% mark with three weeks to go!

Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five – A Roller Girl & A Day Job

Back on Earth is Bonnie N. Collide. Monica Gallagher intends to print her derby-inspired webcomic in a collected volume set to feature Bonnie in over 370 strips.

Just because her story is grounded in a cubicle-by-day/ roller-rink-by-night slice of life, it doesn’t mean Bonnie’s coworker, Herb, can’t be a werewolf. Because he is… and I very much feel compelled to find out why.

Bonnie is already funded and set to ship around January of next year. There is still sixteen days to get in on some of the campaigns rewards, however, including a standalone coloring book, original art, and even the opportunity to be drawn as a werewolf or roller girl.

Check her out here. Digital editions start at $10 and the book itself at $20.

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