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Troy Vevasis

Today Black Ship Books will begin a series of interviews with some of the creators who helped give birth to the latest volume of the indie comic anthology monster known as MEGABOOK M4! I had the opportunity to talk with creator Troy Vevasis whose passion for writing comics compelled him to feed this giant from CE Publishing.

Black Ship Books: You’ve had several stories published in MEGABOOK 4, the most in fact. Could you tell us a little of what those stories are about?

ICM9_Cover.inddTroy Vevasis: The stories are set in many different genres.   They are a collection of stories that I have written in the past few years. Baron Urbenstein, The Caverns of Despair and The Lurking Danger are horror stories. The Harvest is a science fiction story. Santa’s Band and The New Neighbor are all-ages stories. The Legendary Monster is a suspense story.   The Contest is an adventure/fantasy story about the folklore character called Herne the Hunter.

BSB: How do you know Mike Rickaby and CE Publishing?

TV: I was told about MEGABOOK M4 by a friend.

BSB: Is this the first time you’ve been published or do you and your creative team have other works out there?

TV: I have self-published seven full comics and three mini comics so far. I have also been included in several anthologies, including Indie Comics Magazine #9.  I work with a bunch of the same artists and letterers on different projects.


 BSB: What went into the development of these stories?

 TV: I wrote about one of these every month or so over a two-year period. I was still  working on some of my self-published comics when I wrote some of these comics that are in MEGABOOK M4. I like to write in many different genres so I would just write about what I felt like writing about at the time.

BSB: How do you feel about having your works published in M4?

TV:   I am very happy to be included in MEGABOOK M4! It is a great anthology and I think it is a great way for creators to get their stories out there!

BSB: What characters/creators have inspired you most?

Harvest_pg01_letteringLowresTV: I have been a fan of Batman, Star Wars, and Conan for a long time. The creators who inspire me are Mark Millar, Jeph Loeb, Dennis O’Neil, Robert E. Howard, Edgar Allen Poe and Edgar Rice Burroughs.

BSB: As an indie creator, what is your greatest goal and what has been your greatest challenge?

TV: I would love to one day be published by one of the major comic companies. My greatest challenge has been to find enough exposure for my comics but I think I have found that now with all the great anthologies that are out there!

BSB: Seeing as how you developed several stories for this one anthology, do you think there is really any base to the argument that there is a shortage of ideas in mainstream media—like how people complain about recycled ideas in established comic series, movies, etc.?

TV: I do believe that mainstream comics have gotten too focused on one genre or type of stories. I think of comics as a format and any type of story can be a comic. I think a lot of small comic publishers are really showing that there are a lot of great stories to tell in any genre.

BSB: Are there any inspirational words you would like to share with our readers?

TV: I think that the most important thing about breaking into comics is to focus on telling the best stories you can and to get those stories as much exposure as you can. It is also a very long process. I wrote my first comic script four years ago. It was almost two years later in 2013 that I self-published my first full comic. I was published in an anthology for the first time earlier this year. I think any comic creator who is starting out has to be very determined and patient about the process of breaking into comics.

Thank you so much for your time, Troy! Please check out Troy’s website at and be sure to pick up a copy of Indie Comics Magazine #9 and MEGABOOK M4, of course!

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