Robin: Son of Batman #3 Review

Robin Son of Batman 3 review

This week I am sad to say that I will be writing a rather negative review of DC’s Robin: Son of Batman, “Year of Blood Part Three,” by Patrick Gleason. I was rather disappointed in this issue and will actually be removing it from my pull list.

In this issue we see the continuing adventures of Damian, Goliath (the giant bat) and Nobody, Ducard’s daughter who is back to seek revenge for her fallen father. Sounds fun right? It’s not. The issue starts with scenes from Damian’s past, revolving around the preparation and execution of events or tasks from “Year of Blood.” The latest task has something to do with people riding giant sparrows who want a crystal that glows and is their sun? I know I am being a little vague, but this is literally how the issue starts. I have no idea what is going on from the get go, which is not a great thing in a third issue. Then, as Damian flees this cave, his new partner Nobody is there to lend a helping hand. This partnership is frustrating and disappointing. The rest of the issue focuses on the two heroes bonding… which is the opposite of what I want to happen. The end of this issue deals with some mystical confusing things with Talia I think… I lost track and interest to be honest.

This book took a weird turn in the last issue and really killed all of my interest in it. I was fully down for a Nobody/Robin fight that would make Robin repent and really have to deal with the fact that he is a killer, while trying to be more like his father and fix the wrongs of his past. But instead we get this Odd Couple style team up that is predictable and disappointing at every turn.

The writing is solid; it just is not the story I wanted (or the story I needed). DC could have done a lot with this character to make this book work, but they fell short. The fact that the art is the same as Peter Tomasi’s Batman and Robin is also misleading and a little depressing. It reminds you of what a great Damian Wayne book once was and what it could be again. The art is beautiful and meticulous but it’s just not a good story.

Sorry, DC, sorry, Damian… but this issue gets 2/5… all for the art.

Andrew Dearborn
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