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Lobo 2When I saw that Lobo was going to be getting his own series, I was pumped. That lasted a total of maybe 3.5 seconds, then I saw what was planned for The Main Man. LAME! I saw the new renderings of what DC had planned and I just shook my head. Now, to be fair, I’m not dropping any blame for this on any of the creators. Creators for the most part can pitch ideas to the editing overlords, but something drastic on this scale usually is cooked up upstairs and then handed down to the creators. That’s why sometimes you see creators who you genuinely like on complete-crap books; I think this is one of those types of situations. If it’s not, then shame on you guys for thinking this was going to be acceptable.

Lobo, before this, had a very specific role in the DC universe, a role not unsimilar to the role Deadpool plays in the Marvel universe. He’s a character that can be used in other books to interject a little levity. His character is not one that can carry a serious book on its own, but it can carry an over the top type of book. Again, this is a formula that Marvel has done with great success with Deadpool. People know what they are going to get with a Lobo story, and that’s why they buy it — same thing with Deadpool.

The success of the Lobo character was at its height in the 90’s. But Lobo seems to have become a character DC just doesn’t really know how to handle. It’s almost as if they are not happy with simply having a character that plays a supporting role, one that can headline a limited series, or an ongoing book, who is not considered part of the regular canon, because it’s too outrageous. So to solve this they give the character probably one of the worst makeovers in comic book history.

Besides changing his looks, they have made him more refined. As if by interjecting culture into Lobo it will make him a more serious type of character. LAME! All this did was water down a great concept character, and turned it into something that resembles nothing like the original. In the end you’re left with something that doesn’t resemble the original, and isn’t strong enough to stand on its own as fresh and original.

I’ll say it again, if Marvel can have a hugely successful Deadpool character, then DC can use Lobo in the same way. It’s obvious that there is a market for it. I mean heck, the Deadpool movie is probably going to be one of the biggest superhero movies of all time. DC could have had the same type of success with Lobo, if they just kept true to the main reason that the character was so popular to begin with.

So what can DC do to fix this hot mess they have created? Well, I see a back door solution to this problem. The boys at DC might have planned it this way to start with, but I doubt it. In the beginning of the new series, this new Lobo confronted The Main Man, and killed him. Supposedly the Lobo we all know and love was an imposter. Well, just use that same philosophy and have the current, LAME poser be one too. They could make it a clone thing, or better yet, have it be a ragtag group of Czarnians that somehow escaped the purge that The Main Man unleashed on his own race, during which time these few survivors began to have a strange infatuation with Lobo for the near extinction of their race. They banded together and turned their hatred into some kind of sick hero worshiping death cult. Then the real Main Man comes back from an interstellar dolphin safari, and kills them all.

Of course that’s just a wild idea, but please, DC, do something. You took one of your most iconic characters, outside of the big three, and totally twisted it into something not recognizable. If you think I’m wrong, but up a poll on your DC comics Facebook page. Ask the readers if they like what you’ve done. I realize actually writing for the fans is not something most comic companies do as often as they should, but this is one case where I think you should think about doing it.Lobo

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  1. First of all, excuse me for my bad english, not my main language.

    Your text is just perfect. You just said everything that must be said, and for me, I am not buying any lobo comic starred by this new not-at-all-Lobo. Because I loved the animal, brutal, violent and drunk old Lobo and his heavy metal stuff just by beeing exactly what he was and I am not interested in this -in my own opionin bullshit- rebuild.

  2. William Henry Dvorak William Henry Dvorak // January 2, 2016 at 4:57 pm // Reply

    Thanks for the comment Holden, and I’m glad you agree. Sadly DC is full of these types of rebuilds, and even worse they have a tendency of rebuilding characters that don’t even need it. It seems to me there is need for so top editorial change at DC.

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