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I am proud to introduce DISUNITY, a miniseries I co-wrote with illustrator Ron Batchelor. Those of you who frequent the Flash Fiction section of our beloved Black Ship might already be exposed to my storytelling endeavors, though this marks my first formally self-published creation.

The comic takes place in a reality where an inter-dimensional wormhole wreaks havoc on Earth after a failed physics experiment. Monstrosities and refugees alike have been spilling out of this rift in the space-time continuum ever since. DISUNITY follows John Connati, the scientist whose miscalculations doomed his planet, as he tries to quell the chaos he unleashed. Sci-fi noir at its core, DISUNITY is a tale of horror and redemption.

While the book is available for purchase on comiXology, we are also sharing it for free through ComicFury. DISUNITY #1 will also be available for direct download via my web hosting for those who’d like to save it for offline reading. (Right click the link and choose to ‘Save As..’)


Issue #2 is in the editing stages at this very moment, and we are quite eager to keep the ball rolling. Share with your friends, your parents, your pets. Okay, maybe not your parents. They might be confused by the talking tree. “What talking tree,” you ask? Please feel free to grab a copy and find out!

More importantly, I’m curious: how many other aspiring creators do we have sailing this corner of the Interwebs? In two weeks I intend to delve into my various workflows as a self-described indie creator. (That’s all it takes to become one, right?) All are welcome to lend their two cents, or simply follow along. I figure it’s time I stop learning in a vacuum; creative isolation sucks.


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Rem Fields (Managing Editor) aims to tell stories. As an IT professional he should be writing code or administrating systems, yet the only scripting that seems to get done is for his comic books. In between bouts of worldbuilding Rem fights the good fight as a freelance author operating out of St. Petersburg, Florida. His interests range from ukuleles to cryptocurrencies, though really he just can’t fall asleep until reminding his word processor who’s in charge.

Follow along at remfields.com as he tries to bring his own brand of storytelling to the interwebs.

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