Black Ship Interviews Michael Norwitz

Today Black Ship Books will be interviewing Mr. Michael Norwitz, new comic creator who is also one of the amazing contributors of M4.

Black Ship Books: So Michael, what brought you to M4?

Michael Norwitz: The wide world of the internet!

BSB: Tell us about Nobody Knows the Monkeys I’ve Seen.

MN: It springs from my love of Golden Age heroes, particularly the way they used to age gracefully back in the days of DC’s Earth-2.  That’s kind of gone out the window as they now have characters active who are pushing 100.  But even creaky old guys can manage an occasional caper or two.

BSB: You were also published in two issues of The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel.  How did you become part of that anthology and what were those stories about?


MN: Through my mate John Freeman, and it’s actually their acceptance of my pastiche Mackerelman which got me hooked on scripting.  My other story for them, Where Do You Get Your Ideas, is a plagiaristic fantasy of mine.

BSB: Have you had any other stories published or books of your own in the works?

MN: I’m going to have a short piece in the upcoming 11th Dimension Press anthology Rock Is Not Dead, and a superheroine anthology from Melusine Muse Press … my daughter has a piece in another Melusine Muse Press book, as well.  I’m also working on some longer projects which I have hopes for.

BSB: If you could write any mainstream character out there, who would it be and why?

MN: I’ve written a lot of fanfic in my time, which has pretty much used up my ideas for mainstream characters, but if there was any of them I’d love to revisit, it would be Alan Moore’s characters, the Captain Britain Corps … which pretty much gives an indication of my lack of mainstream commercial instincts.

BSB: From what we’ve seen from the “Big Two” lately, what do you think about the current state of mainstream comics as it is?  And what do you believe may happen maybe within the next five years with mainstream comics?

MN: If I knew, I’d be at the spear point of the upcoming trend!  I do think that comic fandom is going to continue to bifurcate, with superheroes becoming a specialty item whereas more personal comics, like Raina Telgemeier’s, continue to achieve mainstream success.

BSB: As a comic creator, what do you believe is your greatest strength and weakness?

MN: I do have a wide range of interests outside of comics, and I hope sometimes it can add an offbeat tone to my work.  My greatest weakness?  Occasionally I have a tin ear for dialogue, I think, but I’m working on it.


BSB: Do you possess other talents outside of writing?

MN: I’m exceptionally good at alphabetizing things.

BSB: Any words of wisdom you would like to impart on other indie creators or to your fans?

MN: I’m just starting my career as I’m embarking on my 50’s, so … it’s never too late to start!

BSB: Thank you, Mr. Norwitz!  We will be continuing the M4 creator series for only a few more weeks, but just know that there is more to come!


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