F3 Week 5: What’s in the bo– bag?

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Prompt by Joyce Juzwik

With the 20th anniversary of the release of Se7en occurring this week, let’s pay homage to this epic film, with a few minor variations.

It’s Friday afternoon, and it’s been a tough week. You have your gym bag handy, so you decide to visit the gym after work. You get comfy on the train ride home and briefly nod off, but still manage to detrain at your stop. You walk the couple of blocks home and once inside, you decide to get your workout clothes into the hamper before you lie down on the couch to watch the news.

Uh-oh. Something’s wrong. Your gym bag is dark blue. This one is dark brown. Yours has a little pocket on each side with snaps you never use, but they make the bag look cool. This one has no extra pockets on either side and it isn’t cool looking at all.

The car you were in was so crowded; all seats were full and folks were standing in the aisle. Obviously, someone picked up your bag by mistake. No biggie. You won’t miss faded shorts, a shirt with a torn sleeve, and tennis shoes that have seen better days. But, what about the owner of this bag?

You could turn it in to Lost and Found Monday morning, but what if there’s something important inside or something perishable? The only thing you can do is to open the bag and take a look inside just to make sure. Right? Right. So, you slowly unzip the bag…


YEP. I’m done, and I’m making a clean break right here. What happens from here on out is up to you.

Prompt:  Continue the story, and don’t forget to answer the million dollar question: what’s in the bag?

Genre:  Open

Word Count:  1,500 or less*.

DeadlineThursday, October 1, 2015

*NOTE: I’m going to give you some leeway here. When you include how this situation began, that part doesn’t need to be included in your 1,500. Start your word count at the point when the bag is actually opened. I’m giving you some breathing room here. Something tells me, you’re gonna need it…

Post your story on your blog or website and provide a link to it in the comment section of this prompt.

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