Kickstarter Strobe Light: Four Science!

So long as they keep makin’em, I’ll keep takin’em over to this Black Ship of ours. I’m pleased to kickoff this month with four sci-fi stories set to impress.


rep1First up is a near-future outbreak tale set in an England suffering from a plague called the Red Death. A cure was on the brink of being formulated, but the scientist responsible for it vanished before the drug was completed. Her husband, who was falsely imprisoned for her disappearance, ends up injecting himself with the incomplete serum, gaining incredible abilities as a result. Replicator is the story of what happens next.

Robert Arnold, the book’s creator, wants this series to keep readers guessing. His vision for the story is a direct extension of his desire to explore the toll it takes to be a hero in a world turned upside down. The closer his protagonist gets to the truth, the more his sanity will be called into question. Primary art duties are handled by an up-and-coming international sensation, Armin Ozdic, with Ross A. Campbell (notably of Wayward fame) providing colors, and #ComicTalk host Jamie Me on letters.

A pledge of $6 lands backers a digital download of the first issue. Twenty bucks’ll ship a printed copy to ya anywhere in the world. Replicator looks to be well on its way to success, having passed the 50% mark only three days into its campaign. 


CHROMA – Volume One is a 44-page, sci-fi spectacle. It follows the space-faring adventures of astronaut Paul Pearce and his team of explorers from the Global Space Commission. Their mission is to investigate an interstellar anomaly, a newly emerged “second sun” that appears in the sky of a war-torn Earth, though this mission goes south rather quickly. After being exposed to cosmic energies, Paul ends up transformed into the last hope for humanity’s dwindling population.

Visually, this project is unique. Between its “landscape” page format and Michael Yakutis digital paintings, CHROMA stands to set itself apart as a cinematic opus. Writers Marcus Perry and Bob Schulze are both established professionals, and have enlisted a former editor from Shadowline Comics, Kristen Simon, to provide the quality assurance that many Kickstarted comics don’t think to include.

This is an ambitious project with an equally ambitious crowdfunding goal. The team is sitting just shy of their halfway point with only three days remaining; every donation brings Paul one step closer to his perilous journey. Pledge $10 to receive all 44 pages as a digital download, which also comes bundled with a pdf of the first volume’s script and a handful of wallpapers. The print copy ships worldwide for $25.


Focus Shift: Volume One

focus1focus3K, Focus Shift‘s leading lady, is a young girl tasked with exploring an enormous, abandoned ruin on a strange planet. She is a scrappy, novice pilot who is determined to impress the elders of her homeland, Melody Point. This narrative will be told over two volumes, with the first installment coming in at 60 colored pages.

Lee Milewski is the sole creative force behind Focus Shift. He’s written and illustrated a handful of independent projects, though this marks his first attempt at long-form storytelling. The preview pages speak strongly toward Milewski’s bold choice of color and illustrative style. He hopes that his latest project will find a home in the imaginations of readers of all ages, aiming for an adventure that is as exciting as it is unique.

With 8 days remaining, Focus Shift: Volume One has secured nearly 2/3 of its funding. For $10, backers are able to claim a digital download for themselves. A printed copy of the books will be shipped anywhere in the US for $20.

Junx’n Punks

Junx’n Punks, that first bit being pronounced “junction,” is an all-ages, adventure comic series presented by Frostwing Media. Written by J. Cebron Cook and illustrated by Mark Harmon, their collaboration is two years in the making. It is a tale of an Earth invaded:

In 2035 the world changed.
An alien race we now call the Junxiors rose up from our own oceans and laid waste to every nation. That army was led by a Junxior hybrid called the Matriarch. She didn’t come to rule us, she came looking for something. The human race was just in the way. The weapon of our undoing was called the Pulse. A global EMP of some kind, it manipulated our magnetic field in such a way that no electrical current could be generated. Not even enough to power a com-band. We were helpless.

It’s now 2215 and the Junxior army is still here, though they barely seem to notice what remains of our people. We’ve emerged from a second dark age and started rebuilding our society. We found new ways to use old technology, creating power by tapping into history. Now small pockets of resistance have started springing up, fighting back against our occupying invaders.

Cook and Harmon are looking for funding for the introductory, 24-page issue. They have over a week left in their campaign with a fair amount of funding needed to bring Junx’n Punks to readers. Their digital download starts at $5, with a $10 price tag for the physical copy shipped worldwide.


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