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For a while I’ve wanted to find some new shows and books that break away from traditional styles. After some time playing on the Web, I finally found a few that piqued my interest. In fact there was one show in particular that really seemed unique; for the past week I have been bingeing on Rooster Teeth’s RWBY series. This is an original, American anime produced by the same group who made the famous Red VS Blue series using Smith Micro’s Poser Pro software.

Initially, I found the 3-D design to be distracting, but after getting into the second or third episode I really grew to appreciate it. I understand that even in traditional Japanese anime animators tend to cut corners and use repeated frames, yet the actions of the characters in this series are so fluid and lifelike, especially when it comes to the more fast-paced action scenes. Also, the characters are lovable and the story is engaging enough for anyone to get into. The short length of each episode, coupled with on-point pacing, makes it easy to absorb just enough that you keep coming back for more.

RWBY follows heroine Ruby Rose who attends Beacon Academy in the hopes of becoming a “huntress,” a hero who slays evil monsters, known as Grimm, and protects the people in the world of Remnant from other threats. After showing her prowess in battle during her first exam — and being selected as the team leader for a group of huntresses-in-training that includes heiress Weiss Schnee, the enigmatic Blake Belladonna, and Ruby’s own brash older sister, Yang Xiao Long — Ruby and her friends quickly begin to discover various secrets about each other while uncovering a conspiracy in their country.

This anime has elements of high fantasy that bring stories like Harry Potter and Avatar: The Last Airbender to mind. Its awesome action sequences are reminiscent of anime such as Naruto and Soul Eater. Despite the limited running time of the episodes (usually 4 to 17 minutes long), each one builds well on the world of Remnant, introducing and developing many dynamic characters along the way. It’s clear to see how the team at Rooster Teeth managed to obtain the success and the fanbase that they have.

If this tickles your interest, check the show out for yourself here and enjoy!



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