#ComicTalk, an Introduction and Invitation


Twitter is not my favorite. This past January I joined the site in anticipation of my eventual crowdfunding efforts — the first of which will be Ambrosia’s Kickstarter campaign come February 2016 — and my account, @POVComics, is growing slowly but surely.

My biggest struggle seems to be finding conversations. Finding the right hashtag feels like a game of darts in the dark; I shoot’em off blindly hoping one sticks. The social media platform’s potential is clear to me, but I’m still very much learning its ropes.

One thread I’ve been clinging to for dear life is Jamie Me’s #ComicTalk. It is a guided conversation, taking place Sundays at 10am, prompted by a series of questions from Jamie that all relate to a weekly topic. After the Q&A, there is usually a followup session with an industry professional. So far we’ve been joined by creators Cullen Bunn and Tony Lee, as well as the team at Taptastic (a webcomics platform).

This week’s guest is Mike Marts, a former executive editor for Marvel who is now Editor-in-Chief for the up-and-coming AfterShock Comics. The theme of the week will be a discussion about the future of comics, and all are welcome to join.

Whether you dive right into the chat or are more of a lurker, by the end of the two hours you’ll have a taste for how much passion there is for indie comics. It is a weekly appointment where you can showcase what you’re working on while checking in on what some of your peers are up to. More importantly, it is a hashtag I can understand.

Thinking about this coming #ComicTalk, especially given its future-facing topic, has me reinvigorated about Twitter as a whole. The platform is at its most useful when approached deliberately. As much as it’s about gaining a following, it really isn’t about how many followers you have.

The following I’m getting at is not a number — it is a purpose. It can be as shallow or as deep as you see fit. Maybe you tweet for the sake of sharing what’s for dinner. Perhaps your chirps are designed to promote your brand, or to cheer on some of your favorites. What matters is that you’re doing it.

Feel free to join us for the next #ComicTalk this Sunday, November 15th, at 10am PST. Take part in the discussion regarding the future of comics, or bounce some questions off of Mr. Marts for the second half of the event. We’d love to have ya.

Should anybody know of other opportunities for pointed discussions with 140-character constraints, please pass along the relevant hashtags either here or @POVComics. As I approach my 200th tweet (yes, I probably need to up that rate a bit) I look forward to feeling less overwhelmed with the whole ordeal thanks to opportunities provided by the likes of @JamieMeWrites and other chat hosts.



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