Is “Darth Jar Jar” the True Phantom Menace of Episode I?


Jar Jar Binks. The name alone inspires fear in the hearts of Star Wars fans the world over, with his bumbling antics and ridiculous dialogue making him one of sci-fi’s most hated characters of all time. An alien sidekick so utterly reviled, that merely saying his name is considered a sick punchline, on par with saying “Greedo shot first.” With all this in mind, it’s hard to imagine die-hard fans of the Star Wars franchise openly embracing anything this universally loathed, but the Force works in mysterious ways, I guess.

Thanks to a Reddit user named /u/Lumpawarroo, that’s exactly what’s occurring on the internet and elsewhere. Thanks to his highly detailed, albeit utterly deranged fan theory, many are starting to reconsider Jar Jar’s role in the Star Wars universe, and their own reactions to Episode I as a result. It’s a wild ride down the mad side of fandom, and as I dug deeper into Reddit theories, frame-by-frame breakdowns and carefully-constructed videos by diehard fans, I started to question whether or not my hatred for this character was deserved or not.

So what is this earth-shattering Star Wars theory? Long story short, it’s essentially that Jar-Jar Binks was intended to be a reverse Yoda, starting out as a bumbling fool but eventually turning out to be a Dark Side Force-User who orchestrated many of Episode I’s events. These include, but are not limited to Qui-Gon and Padme finding Anakin, manipulating multiple characters using Jedi Mind Tricks, and using the Force to essentially act like a Tai Chi drunken master. There’s a lot more to the theory than that of course, though these are the basic building blocks that Lumpawarroo uses to fortify his theory, which has affectionately been dubbed “Darth Jar Jar” by the fanbase.


So is there any merit to these crazy assertions? The answer’s a little more complicated than a simple “yes” or “no”, as there actually is some pretty solid evidence to suggest that Jar Jar’s character was originally intended to take a much darker turn than expected. According to Entertainment Weekly, a cut scene from Revenge of the Sith would have seen Senator Palpatine essentially thanking Jar Jar for putting him into power, meaning Jar Jar was possibly in on his plot for galactic conquest. By this logic, we can easily see the Dark Side working through Jar Jar in small, almost unnoticeable ways? Possibly. But a full-blown Sith Lord? Honestly, having looked at all the evidence (yes, including the Snoke and Plageius theories), I have to say, given the lack of evidence, you’d have to be smoking a LOT of Death Sticks to honestly consider that Jar Jar of all characters is somehow a fully-trained, dangerous Sith Lord of any kind. Much less the actual Big Bad of Episode VII.

There is one alternative I will concede however, and it’s one that’s both consistent with the established lore and a dark twist on Jar-Jar at the same time. Consider the possibility that Jar Jar is a force sensitive, something that even Han Solo and Leia have both been considered by some fans. Because of his connections to the Force, his bumbling, simplistic nature actually works as somewhat of a conduit to both the Dark and Light side, resulting in him inadvertently performing acts such as Mind Tricks and Force Jumps freely, especially when danger is near. However, his innocence and general ignorance of the Force’s could potentially open the door for Sith such as Sidious to influence him, resulting in a character who, over time, could eventually be warped into something that, while not a Sith, could prove quite useful to one.


In fact, I’d even go as far as to say that this theory of mine actually makes a hell of a lot more sense of things than the original movies do. Why is Jar Jar so lucky when, as Obi-Wan states, “there’s no such thing as luck?” Force-sensitive. How did a bungler like him ever make it in to the freaking Galactic Senate and convince an audience of thousands to hand over emergency powers to the future Emperor? He was being manipulated by Sith influence, or at least, hung around the wrong crowd long enough to learn how to use force persuasion on a massive scale, which given the DJJ theory’s implications, would be a power he often employed in the past, perhaps unknowingly. So while Jar Jar may not have been throwing lightsabers around like some have theorized, it’s entirely possible that his role in the larger Star Wars mythos is much, much more diabolically subtle.

And honestly, that’s pretty bombad.

What do you guys think? Is this theory worth checking out, or is it just wishful thinking?

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  1. Oh god I hope it’s all nonsense… I just can’t see it. Can’t. But you do have some good theories.

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