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As the fall television series are getting well into their current seasons, there have been plenty of plot twists, reveals, Easter eggs, and cliffhangers that need to be resolved before the approaching winter hiatus (the biggest cliffhanger being the fate of Glenn on The Walking Dead). Two of my favorite shows are teasing a major crossover event that will set up for another new series coming in 2016, and I am excited enough for the moment to forget the nagging questions I may have to mull over for almost three months. The Flash and Arrow: Heroes Join Forces two-night crossover event will premier Dec. 1st and will set the stage for the upcoming DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Apparently this two-parter will introduce the 2016 series’ primary antagonist, the immortal Vandal Savage. Casper Crump, the actor portraying Savage, does look awfully close to the original character from the comic pages/animated series though, outside of immortality and heightened intelligence and physical abilities, I’m not sure what to expect from this version of the character (there is one scene in the promo trailer where he is seen firing what appears to be blades at the heroes — possibly with telekinesis or some kind of magic). Another thing I noticed in the trailer is what appears to be a meteor falling towards a city, which I believe was the immortal villain’s intended endgame in the Justice League: Doom movie. If this Savage is intending to draw a meteor to the Earth to decimate half of the world, I wonder if he will also use an intangibility-projection device and how the heroes will manage to foil his plot without the help of a certain cybernetic organism, a tights-wearing godlike alien, and a green-clad galactic policeman. But the show borrowing part of the animated movie’s plot wouldn’t be farfetched, especially since the DC:LoT series may very well be the closest thing we will ever get to a live-action, small screen version of the Justice League.

The promo trailer also gives us our first look at Hawkgirl in action! After viewing this week’s episode of The Flash, I figured she would make her debut on the show very soon after Cisco “vibed” her identity, but I understand she has a “past life complex” so maybe she isn’t even aware of her abilities yet. When she first met Cisco, she did state her hesitancy to go out with him for fear of meeting a metahuman. Unfortunately, they were both fated to end up with a metahuman anyway in this universe. I also wonder when we may get to see Hawkgirl’s mace, but none of the promos for either of the shows so far have indicated she will wield the Nth metal mace. Perhaps she will obtain it in an episode where she meets Hawkman or gets to travel to Thanagar, unless the showrunners decide to give her a whole new treatment and throw her trademark weapon away completely.

No matter what, I am excited for the crossover episodes and the new upcoming series, and I know The Flash and Arrow will continue to set fans up for plenty of other surprises for future seasons as well as the team-oriented DCLoT series (several sources have pointed out that Green Lantern has been hinted at multiple times already).

Do any of you have ideas about what kinds of worlds and timelines will be visited or what other characters and events from the comics may be introduced in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow? Do you believe there will be any new heroes or villains, possibly some that have already been teased in The Flash/Arrow, who could potentially join Team Legends or Team Savage? Comment and let us know your theories!

And if you have not seen the promo yet check it out here! http://www.cwtv.com/shows/the-flash/the-flash-and-arrow-crossover-trailer/?play=b0777c28-b1ba-4c6e-a987-74b248ce08b9



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