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On the surface, Octal appears to be little more than a standard anthology. While it is indeed an anthology, the book is far from being a standard one. As you might have guessed, Octal has eight stories of eight pages each, which showcases a different creative team for each narrative. This first installment of Octal runs the gamut of stories, from horror to humor, sci-fi to fantasy. The collection of stories is well worth reading purely for its entertainment value, but if you are a burgeoning comic book creator, Octal has so much more to offer. Unlike standard anthologies that revolve around a common theme, Octal is a tool for getting comic pitches out into the world for others to notice(hopefully publishers and editors). This alone makes Octal a pretty nifty thing.

Octal is the latest brainchild of Mike Schneider, whose work on Steampunk Originals from Arcana more than makes him qualified to head the endeavor. What sets Octal apart, besides it being a platform for creators to get their creations out into the world, is the pitch/summary page found at the end of each story. Here you can find a template that can be referenced by others looking to pitch their own books to publishers. The Pitch/ Summary page gives the pertinent information about the creators and the creation itself. This is where you’ll find a log line (an often0overlooked necessity for a pitch), initial run information, and other information about the creative process, like production timeline, target audience, the protagonist, and the setting for the stories. All of this information is essential for any pitch, and in Octal you have not just one, but eight different examples.

Octal is not just a standalone anthology with some very helpful templates, Octal is also a growing community you can join. It is poised to become an important tool for not just new creators looking to get their creations out into the world, but a critical resource for editors and publishers looking for new talent.

I can’t stress enough what a great tool this can be for new creators looking for exposure within the industry. The comics industry is a very hard nut to crack; if you’re looking to break in, a tool like this can be invaluable. A link below will take you to their Facebook page, where you won’t just join a community of like minded creators, but you’ll have access to all templates for the pitches as well.

One thing I’ve learned over the years of being a creator is that good help is hard to find. This is one of the best tools that you can utilize to change your dreams of being a comic book creator into a reality.

Octal’s Facebook Group

Octal Vol 1 via DriveThruComics

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