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Today Black Ship Books will be interviewing Don Everett Smith, Jr.! Don is a comic writer, author, and speaker, as well as a regular contributor to the MEGABOOK anthologies.

Black Ship Books: How did you join the creators of M4?

DES: First, thanks so much for this interview! I am thrilled to be a part of this!

I got into M4 because I had been in M2 and M3 and when this project came up, I had to be a part of it! I mean it was the chance to do something with Mike Rickaby. Mike is so supportive of the independent comic book community!

BSB: Tell us about A Guide for Our Brave Translators with Capt. Gray Dandy! and what was the inspiration behind this piece?

DES: The Gray Dandy idea was a story I had been toying with for some time. I love the idea of over the top things and the fun of translation going wrong.

You say in English, “Hey, that is a nice hot!” (sic) is translated “Your mother kisses sailors for nickels” in ancient Gallifreyan and the fun entails!

BSB: You’ve had several comics of your own published. Do you have a personal favorite from your own library that you enjoyed writing most?

DES: Honestly, I am beyond proud of Ghost Investigator #1 I did with Linda Zimmermann and the amazing Joe Regis for Spirited Comics. Vincent Price: Black and White #1, Jesus Christ: Faith Series #1 I did with Bluewater Comics.

And, of course, I adore my series The Vampire of the Lost Highway #1 and #2 I did with Outpouring Comics. This was my series and I was proud of how it turned out.

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“Sherlock Holmes” by David G. Hardy

BSB: You write in several genres, but I understand you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who. What about these characters is so appealing to you?

DES: Well let me say this, I would not have been a Sherlock Holmes fan if it were not for Doctor Who. They are sort of cut from the same cloth of characters. I’d compare the similarities to Mal Reynolds and Han Solo.

What appeals to me about Sherlock and the Doctor is their ability to walk into a room and size up everyone. “I can take him. That guy has a bad knee. That woman has three guns. And those two guys are deaf. Now here is how I can beat them…” I love Sherlock’s ability to focus and I wish I had that.

BSB: Who has inspired you most as a creator and what motivated you to be the prolific writer and speaker you are now?

DES: I wish I could say there was one person in my life that was a hero to me in some shape or form. But I really can’t. I mean, I can point to a dozen people who helped me out in life, and projects that some creators did that I admire, but then they do other projects that are not as well produced.

All I know is that I have something inside me that says, “Write or die.” And I don’t want to die.

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BSB: What are three goals, small or large, that you hope to achieve for yourself in the next decade?

DES: I would love to do a Vampire of the Lost Highway meets Sherlock Holmes or Vampire of the Lost Highway meets Dracula project. My other goal is to finish the book I am writing about The Vampire of the Lost Highway.

One of these days, I am going to turn all the interviews I did for my site, The Sherlock Conversations (, into a book as well. And then maybe a screenplay, who knows?

BSB: How have stories you’ve read influenced you personally?

DES: It depends. I mean I have read a ton of stories and sometimes each of them influence my projects in some way. I wish I could explain it, but I believe writers who read this will get what I mean.

BSB: You also promote the comic Political Power. Any thoughts or comments about the 2016 candidates (particularly Mr. Trump) or even the potential 2020 candidates, such as Mr. Kanye West?

DES: First, Kanye West is an arrogant jerk and I have learned to never, ever take anything he says seriously. He would be laughed off stage. The best line I have heard about Kanye was from the show “Best Week Ever” on VH1. “Kanye West’s number one fan – Kanye West – this week…”

Regarding, Donald Trump, there is a very good reason why he is popular, he is actually cutting through a ton of the political correct silliness that has gripped this country and saying, “This makes no sense to you or me, why are they doing that?”

Now, I understand why Trump is viewed in both a positive light and a negative light, but when we have such a progressive agenda that is destroying this country and the country is begging both parties to do something about it and they do not – eventually, the electorate has become fed up. And Trump is echoing that sentiment.

Please understand, I am not endorsing Trump, but I am endorsing the fact he is telling political correctness to “go stick it.”


BSB: Any words of wisdom you would like to impart on other indie creators or to your fans?

DES: Simply, write, draw and create. Don’t stop! Produce something! I mean, people laugh at Tommy Wiseau for his movie The Room (and for good reason) but at least he made the movie! He didn’t sit on it. So do it! ANYTHING!

BSB: Thank you so much, Don! Check out more from Don at and  And I also want to let everyone know that MEGABOOK M4 is now available on Drive Thru Comics and you can pay whatever you like to purchase this monstrous anthology!  The past volumes can also be found in the digital store, so treat yourself to some good indie comics during the holiday and check them all out!  Happy Holidays!

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