The Force Awakens – And Stays Awake! [NO SPOILERS]


Rey – She is strong, doesn’t need much help, a better fighter than anyone, and cute. In a good way.

My Hopes and Expectations – The Day Before…

In these times of turmoil— no, that’s been done. In this day and age of—*sigh*, that’s old as well.

Let’s face it: as advanced the human race gets, our ways of fighting are just as grisly as they ever were, even if the tools are packaged differently. As the age of cinema advances (a true treat to watch, usually), the ways we humans show and tell stories undergoes the same superficial transformation. There’s more glamour, bigger… engines, flashier effects, all the neat toys have made the world of cinema and video games hypnotically immersive. And that’s great! But underneath it all, truth be told, the story stays the same. Much like war, despite all the changes, people die.

The story of Star Wars told a story as old as story itself, and it’s a good story. We all want to win in the end, we all want to succeed. To live. As I write this on the day before going to see the new chapter in the story of good and evil, redemption, acceptance, I wonder to myself why I’m so incredibly excited. I can’t wait! There are so many more important things happening in the world than the debut of some movie. Fanaticism, hunger, disease, the planet…

So many of us feel helpless in the face of all the nuttiness in the world. Who can we trust? How do we wish a Happy *insert festival here* without insulting someone when we just wanted to be nice? What kind of celebration meal can I make without crossing a food boundary? What the hell are we supposed to do?

Go to a movie, that’s what!


What do I want from this movie?

The secret to solving all those previously-mentioned damn problems! No, I’m kidding.

I want to know where the hell Luke Skywalker is. And if Leia began learning about the force. If Leia and Han had kids, like they did in the expanded universe. I want to know if it’s Benedict Cumberbatch underneath that mask.

I do NOT want to see Jar Jar Binks, unless he’s a photo on a police station wall. I don’t want to see half an hour of endless battles. A little is good, too much is horrendous.

But what I’m hoping for most of all is something clever and fun.

I’m pretty sure I won’t be disappointed.


What Really Happened – The Day After…

What can I say, the soundtrack, opening credits, the scrolling text… It still give me goosebumps. Did those goosebumps blind me to any failures in this debut of a brand new series of Star Wars stories?


After all the waiting and anticipation, was I disappointed?


Did Jar Jar show up?


In spite of all those “no’s”, I have nothing but a whole lot of “yes’s” to go on about! There are many moments where, my goodness but it would have been nice to stop and explore the situation and the characters involved. Instead, the rapid pace just goes along at the speed of light, taking us to the next micro-brief moment.

This isn’t really a complaint. Not because it’s a bad thing to slow down, but because The Force Awakens is really one of those things that are an entity unto itself. In this re-start, The Force Awakens is almost obliged to wink at so many different things from the original movies. The majority of viewers would revolt if it didn’t do so. Therefore, unless we want to sit in the theater for six hours (which I don’t) or have this movie broken up into pieces (which would NOT be advisable), we get a story that is really quite rushed.

However, that said, the latest installment in the Star Wars franchise is just so much fun, and to its credit, there are a brief couple of moments where it does slow down a second and let us marinate in the scene’s tension. Again, it’s short, but it happens, and it works. This movie, overall, really works and it did the job well for what it was up against: viewer expectations.


New characters Rey and Finn are wonderful. Finn is goofy and complex (I’d love to go on about what I think of him, but will do it in a post with spoiler alerts). Rey is, thus far, quite superficial but all the ingredients are there for her to develop and I have complete faith that she will. Rey has guts, she is smart, and she is strong. I love her.

Kylo Ren didn’t impress me too much, but I don’t mind waiting to see how all that plays out. There are a couple of new characters I’d also like to chat about, but again, those will be for a full-spoiler post.
To conclude: should you go see The Force Awakens, if you haven’t already? If you’re a Star Wars fan, yessir you should! I intend to watch many more times indeed. And Harrison Ford is wonderful in this movie.

May the force continue on.

It wouldn’t be home without a pinch of evil, and there is lots of that in The Force Awakens. Many new threads are placed for the future.

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