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Some fan films to watch.

Some fan films to watch.

I was recently on a YouTube binge, watching fan films from a multitude of different universes. Some were great, while others not so much. Though I might be a bit late to the game in finding these shorts, I wanted to give my favorites a shoutout.


Sonic was a video game franchise, and the title character was the Mario of the Sega system. His following was so strong that it warranted multiple animated series, and the 16-bit hero is also currently featured in a monthly title published by Archie Comics. I truly loved these games, and still do (my Sega gets pulled out of storage for a high-speed trip down memory lane every now and again).

This short comes from a studio called Blue Core Studios. The graphics aren’t the greatest, but they succeed at accomplishing the video’s goal. According to Blue Core, “the intention of making this film was for it to be a spec film, with the primary purpose being to show a live-action take on Sonic the Hedgehog”. Their interpretation of Doctor Robotnik was particularly engaging.
Sonic Fan Film By Blue Core Studios


I do not believe that Predator needs an intro but just in case: it began as a sci-fi/ horror film, later being featured as a comics property published by Dark Horse, which then gave rise to the relaunching of the Aliens Vs Predator franchise.

This series was funded by a Kickstarter campaign. The team that brought us the film has a clever way of telling the story. They’ve chosen a perfect time period and setting to implant the ominous and titular Predator. The premise is centered around “the Crusades, [where] the faith & fighting skills of a group of Templar Knights is put to the test when they encounter the Predator.”

Predator: Dark Ages Fan Film


Spawn was a popular comic published by Image. It was drawn and written by one of the greats in the comic world, Todd McFarlane. The story of Spawn is that of a dead man who makes a deal with the devil to serve as a lieutenant in Satan’s demonic army. Spawn, or Al Simmons, makes the pact in hopes of getting back and returning to his beloved wife. Once resurrected, he finds that the deal wasn’t what he had hoped. The series was well received, with a live-action film adaptation, HBO animated series, toys, and even a game.

This short doesn’t suggest the Spawn we see is Al, but rather that it is another incarnation with a heart like the demonic anti-hero that we would expect. In this short, which really felt more like a trailer, we find “a former witch and her son, who try to live a normal life away from the darkness”, but the mother is needed for some sort of battle that is coming. I loved the pacing and the score in this short, as well as its use of animation – not too heavy-handed, everything was just right.

Spawn: The Recall Fan Film

Feel free to check them out during your next YouTube Binge. I have compiled a playlist for easy access to all three videos:

YouTube Binge Playlist

Until next time, all hands on deck, keep this Black Ship of ours sailing!

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