The Pull List: February 3

This week we’re kicking off The Pull List, a new feature in which our staffers will give you a peek into the things they’re excited about in the world of comics this week. Here are three books hitting the stands this Wednesday we think you would do well to check out!

Street Fighter X G.I. JOE #1 (of 6)

There are so many good comics and ‘zines continuing and making their debuts this month, but for February 3 my pick is definitely going to be Street Fighter X G.I. JOE.  I love crossover series and this six-part comic miniseries blends two franchises I grew up with through cartoons and video games.  Apparently, following the Street Fighter games, the plot involves M. Bison and Destro forming an alliance which assembles the world’s strongest fighters in a tournament on a remote island.  To see iconic characters you know and love, like Snake Eyes, Duke, Ryu and Chun Li, teaming up and throwing down is always welcome.  In fact this mix-up brings to mind similar crossovers in other mediums like, oh say, Marvel VS Capcom.  As long as Blanka, Storm Shadow, and Vega make an appearance, I am all in. (Marcus E. T.)

The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage #1 (Reprint)

As most of our readers know by now, Valiant has a very clean and precise method in their storytelling. I fell in love with their relaunch when I read Rai. I still follow that title, and have been searching for more from them to follow. They have for the most part leaned on excursions into the realm of sci-fi, which is one of my favorites. Beyond this typical fare, they’ve also been running a dark story with occult themes: The Death Defying Doctor Mirage, but I just haven gotten to it. Now with this new release and the launch of a new storyline I think I’m ready to jump in. Also, the issue is being released at $1. And I’m one broke-ass reader, so that sounds real good to me!

The title stood out to me because of the occult detective feel made by a strong company with a solid sci-fi track record. Jen Van Meter (Hopeless Savages) and acclaimed artist Roberto de la Torre (Daredevil) bring us this story about a semi-retired paranormal investigator who’s called in for a job by a “big-time occultist with a classified military past,” and inside this job she might have discovered a way not only to make contact with her late husband, but to bring him back from the dead. (Richard Larios)

The Black Hood #10

If you are one of those who only reads Marvel and DC superhero titles, you’re missing out. Pound for pound, the best superhero books are coming out from the independent publishers. One of my favorites is Dark Circle Comics, an imprint of Archie Comics, and The Black Hood is hands-down one of the best dark, thoughtful, and mature comics being printed today. It’s as gritty as a sandy beach and as hard-hitting as a firm right-hook. If you like your characters brooding and dark, then this is for you. And if you’re a fan of the original series, it does all this without ignoring or insulting what’s come before.

In a world full of gimmick comics, mega crossovers, and simple fluff, you’ll be happy to know there is none of that here. It’s simply a straight-forward, hard-knocks good time. If you like what the Punisher used to be, then you’ll love this book. (William Henry Dvorak)

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