The Pull List: February 10

We’re back again this week with a (brief) selection of titles our staffers would like to see get some love this Wednesday. Be sure to check these books out!

ss1Second Sight #1

This week, I’d like to give a shout out to this horror detective title by David Hine and Alberto Ponticelli. It reads like a horror detective story. The plot, highlighted by Ponticelli’s crisp, detailed art, revolves around a man with a cryptic (but certainly shady) past. His daughter, an investigative journalist and blogger, is on the trail of a child abuse ring that calls more than a few power players members. When things unsurprisingly take a sour turn, our protagonist finds himself pulled back into dark places.

I for one am a fan of this kind of “psychopath-for-a-hero” story. It toys with the idea that, in a  certain context, any quirk of personality, no matter how deviant, may save the day. And let’s not forget that this is a love story too: not your traditional boy/girl love story, mind you, but a story of the enduring love of a father for his daughter. This is a new release from the up-and-coming company AfterShock Comics. I have wanted to get into something from this company since I heard of its creation last year. This seems like a title that I would like, and it’s just about to get started. So if you’re in a shop this Wednesday, pick it up and show these top-notch indie guys some love! (Richard Larios)

Badger_1_paul_popeThe Badger #1 (of 5)

He’s back! Hold on to your hats, and get ready for a roller-coaster ride. I for one am glad to see the return of one of the more original and innovative characters to grace the pages of comics, Norbert Sykes, otherwise known as the Badger.

This incarnation is not picking up where the old one left off, but instead updating it. The character has been around since 1983, and one of the things that made the character potent in the earlier books was the way writer Mark Baron wove current events into the stories. The new Badger is still the same old guy we loved before, but with more ties to the modern world so that new readers can fall in love with him like I did with the original. If you like a comic that has some intellectual bite to it, that makes you think about more than just the next punch, yet entertains like a traditional comic book, then The Badger by 1First comics is not going to disappoint.

There is a reason why so many creators love, and have paid homage to this character. With Mike Baron at the helm, it’s bound to be a great ride. I just wish it was more than a 5 issue limited series. (William Henry Dvorak)

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