The Flash: “Welcome to Earth 2” Hits & Misses


Normally when I watch fantasy-based shows I tend to suspend some (but not all) disbelief, but while I watched this week’s episode of The Flash there were several things that kind of irked me. Maybe I just had the critical part of my brain turned up to eleven that day, but a lot of things stood out that didn’t quite make sense.

Before I rant a little bit, I do want to point out the major parts of this episode I loved. I did enjoy the reveal of Vibe’s potential powers, but with the evil Earth 2 double’s demise at the hands of Zoom, Cisco will now have to figure out how to use his abilities on his own, which might make for an awesome character arc. The way Zoom killed evil Cisco with a vibrating hand through his heart was also a nice throwback to how Reverse Flash murdered lovable Cisco during the show’s first excursion into the multiverse (or maybe just time travel) in Season 1. I also liked the references to Atlantis, and the brief nod to other members of the Justice League when Barry paused at his phone to call his mother. Bruce Wayne, Diana Prince, and Hal Jordan are clearly friends of a powerless Barry Allen on Earth 2, and so is Eddie Thawne, who I was surprised to not see at the police station. If there was a time for him to make an appearance again I was honestly expecting it to be there, just to see what his Earth 2 doppelganger was up to since the Earth 1 Eddie died the hero’s death.

And the real highlight: Barry’s talk with his mother was probably one of the most touching moments I’ve seen on this show, and I definitely felt for him in that scene. The reveal of Killer Frost was also exciting to see since she was teased in the first season finale. And now that I’ve given my kudos, let me get on to my questions and complaints…


1. Barry, Cisco, and Harry concoct the idea to infiltrate the Earth 2 Central City Police Department in order to access reports about Zoom so that they can triangulate the location of his hideout. The only issue I had with the heroes developing this plan is–how they could possibly figure out where Zoom’s lair is after just arriving on Earth 2, when the police who have already been trying to stop Zoom never thought to do so or were just unable to?

2. Even though Barry is aware he can only remain on Earth 2 for a couple of days, he aborts the mission to catch Zoom, only to continue impersonating his Earth 2 counterpart rather than releasing his Earth 2 doppelganger so he could be at his wounded father-in-law and grieving wife’s side. Barry could have even been free to capture Killer Frost and Deathstorm as the Flash had he released his double. The police may have even cooperated with him as the Flash if he just declared that he was a speedster who desired to stop Zoom, especially with Jay Garrick missing in action, thus eliminating the need to kidnap and impersonate the Earth 2 Barry Allen altogether.


3. Earth 2’s Iris is a detective who is used to fighting metahumans, and yet she doesn’t think twice about her own husband’s strange behavior. For all she knew he could have been a shapeshifter, because while he possessed his double’s face he clearly had limited knowledge of his life in that reality. And while I know she was distracted by her father being wounded by Deathstorm, I would think she would have had better awareness in a firefight (no pun intended) and would have noticed that her nerdy, noncombatant husband somehow chased off two super-powered baddies.

4. Cisco and Ronnie were the only ones on Earth 2 who possessed the same powers as their doppelgangers, even though they had reversed personalities. And while Vibe is arguably more powerful than his chosen subordinates, he didn’t get a chance to demonstrate much of his power besides the concussive vibrating blasts. Beyond that, I wasn’t quite sure how he intended to lead a small super-powered posse against Zoom. Killer Frost at least had the sense to fear the speedster over the… well, vibrator (I’m sorry). Zoom has an entire army of villains he can coerce into doing his dirty work. That’s nothing to sneeze at, but sneeze at it Vibe does.


5. Jay Garrick appears with super-speed to battle Geomancer wearing only his helmet, but none of the other police approach him to ask who he is or if he is the actual Flash who has come to the city’s rescue numerous times. The issue of why he has decided to show his face now remains completely unaddressed. Someone besides Joe should have had a question or two for the unmasked, slower Flash.

6. Was Geomancer’s suit supposed to be bulletproof after he took two shots in the torso from Joe but still managed to run off? And what was Geomancer’s motive if he wasn’t an Earth 2 breacher sent by Zoom to challenge Flash? He was clearly only interested in fighting the Flash. That said, maybe more will be revealed about him later in the series, but this was frustratingly unclear.

7. While Earth 2 is obviously far more advanced technologically, they have yet to develop their own weaponry to counter the metahuman threat. They have wrist watches that can detect nearby metahumans, but not neutralize them if they turn out to be malicious. I don’t see how such a device can really offer citizens any sense of security, especially when if it goes off next to someone they think they know and they simply dismiss it as a glitch.


8. I also wonder why Zoom never just used the breach in Star Labs to attack Barry and friends directly. Zoom can apparently see through the breaches and use them however he wants. I understand he wants Barry to become faster, but he could approach him and strike out at the ones he loves easily. Just as Reverse Flash killed Barry’s mother to make him into the man he is now, Zoom could use the same approach to achieve the results he desires.

Those were really the only things that gnawed at me for this episode. Other episodes have presented some pretty far-fetched theories and odd choices as well, but not quite as much as this one. Maybe these things only went over my head because I don’t read the comics, or maybe I was just overanalyzing things. For all of my griping I can say I am still loving the direction this season is taking with this hero and I look forward to better episodes before the season ends.  That’s all for now!

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