Hello to Nightwing, the Joker, and the Waiting Room


So last month I introduced a new segment, YouTube Binge. For the few who went ahead and viewed those videos, I am sure you felt it was an appetizer, at best, and probably wanted something more filling. Well, not to worry! That was just the warm up; this month I have plundered YouTube for video series that are much more substantial.

Nightwing: The Series

The series is at its strongest when it comes to fight scenes. The first episode jumps right into the thick of it, setting a high bar that the show continues to meet. The casting is also great. Nightwing is portrayed well, though he is missing some of that “Boy Wonder” humor. The actor playing Bruce Wayne is actually damn good at playing the very serious Bruce Wayne. The universe that these filmmakers built is a darker version than some interpretations, yet it isn’t over the top. Sadly, the last episode that was released fizzled in comparison to the others, though while it was disappointing, it was definitely better than a lot of other projects out there.

This title stood out to me because Nightwing is overlooked in most of the comic book world, but this team understood his character and handled it well. They left room in their narrative for Nightwing to take the mantle of Batman, which is a central element to Grayson’s development as a character, one that most folks don’t give enough credit to.

Nightwing: The Series is produced by a team called Ismahawk, and in their own words they are “just a couple of geeks with a camera and a passion for action!” But don’t be fooled by these humble origins — their work shows great craftsmanship. The series is between seasons for the moment, so there’s no better time than now to catch up.

The Waiting Room

This is a lighthearted series from the team that also created Super Power Beat Down. Their latest title lives up to its name, following (mostly) Marvel superheroes as they sit in a waiting room. The inevitable boredom that sets in leads to awkward conversation. There is no action; the series is driven solely by its dialogue. I love great character interaction and so I really enjoy the questions and answers presented in the series. Sometimes they may poke fun or depict a character in an unfavorable manner, but it’s meant in fun.

The episodes can be somewhat formulaic, often depending on witticisms delivered by Spidey or Deadpool, but I trust that new, — hopefully more obscure — characters will be introduced.

The Waiting Room is brought to us by a company called BatInTheSun, and they are “an independent, self-contained film and music production company. [Their] goal is to continue creating intelligent works in both film and music that entertain and inspire”.

The Joker Blog

The Joker Blog has been around for a while now, and to be honest it’s sometimes a miss, but over all it is a good take on the character. They manage to get close to the quality of content that we all want to see, on what I can only assume is a shoestring budget. In true Joker fashion there isn’t much info on the team that puts this out. That’s what helps sell this series: they truly have created a feeling that this happened/ is happening.

Their interpretation is a little too much like Heath Ledger. Although some folks might actually appreciate that, I found the approach to be derivative. It is a great look into the world of the Joker that picks up where the Nolan-verse leaves him. It introduces Harley’s origin, and the series pretty much revolves around her relationship with the Joker. Later episodes begin to address broader elements of DCU plots and story lines, finding a more distinct voice in the process. The Joker Blog is an ongoing project but hasn’t uploaded a new video in some time.

And lastly, Adele’s Hello song. Why? Because I can’t get it out of my head.

So that’s the binge for this month. Please let us know what you thought about the line-up, as well as anything out there that hasn’t gotten much attention but deserves some. Until then, all hands on deck, and keep this Black Ship sailing!

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