F3 Week 26: Open That Book!


Prompt by Joyce Juzwik

As writers, we are always doing something connected with the process, whether it be outlining a plot, writing a draft, editing, or putting the finishing touches on one of our projects. In addition to all of the above, there is one other thing all writers should be doing, and that is reading. I don’t know who to credit with the following quote, but it explains why perfectly: ‘Reading is essential for writers – it instructs, inspires, and offers a blissful escape from the blank page.’

This week, I want you to use the book you are currently reading for the inspiration for your story. Too, I want to get all up into your business, so make sure you let me know what book your sentence is from and who wrote it. Put that info here in the comments or include it with your story.

Prompt: Begin your story with the first sentence of the fifth paragraph on Page 40. If, by chance, your Page 40 doesn’t have five paragraphs, check Page 41, etc.

Genre: Open

Word Count: 1,500 or less

Deadline: Thursday, February 25, 2016

Post your story on your blog or website and provide a link to it in the comment section of this prompt.

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  1. Ooh, I’ll be trying this one – if only to introduce the wonderful book I’m reading to a wider audience!

  2. And here it is! A bit of Earthsea fanfiction. I hope you enjoy! http://cms.scribblesofarose.webnode.com/news/dragon/

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