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I’m not the most avid reader of webcomics. I know there is a world out there full of great and entertaining books just waiting for me, but I guess I’m just old school. I like the physical things in my hands. I collect comics, so the very idea of a book coming in an intangible form is just alien to me. That said, sometimes the comic gods smile kindly on my old soul, dropping a gem into my lap.

I was offered a chance to do a write up for Turncoat, by Ryan O’Sullivan and Plaid Klavis, and I took it. I really had no expectations when I started reading the webcomic — I knew there were superheroes in it, and that was good enough for me. All I can say is that I’m so glad I decided to give it a shot, and that it has inspired me to go searching on the web for more productions like Turncoat.

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If you are into funny books, especially ones that give a spin on the traditional stereotypes of the superhero industry, then this book is exactly what the doctor ordered. It had me hooked from the very beginning. I literally read all six issues of it in one sitting, which says a lot, coming from a guy who lets his comics pile up. Reading Turncoat, it did what all good narratives do: detached me from the here and now and took me on one hell of a journey.

Like any other review I write, I never really get into the nuts and bolts of a story break down. That just gives away the good stuff, but I do go into the overall feel of the book. And this book is genuinely funny.

What makes the book so good is not the plot, though it is a solid story. Turncoat is a success thanks to its characters. Many of them do resemble characters from the superhero mainstream, yet these interpretations are unique enough to read as original despite any similarities. Their personalities,and quirks give them their own vibe. And the dialogue is perfect.

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Duke, the main character, is by far one of the most unique individuals I have run across in a comic recently. He is so inept that he becomes effective at his job, because how do you plan against a man who doesn’t act rationally? And his relationship with his ex-wife made me giggle so much. That’s right, I said “giggle.”

Do yourself a favor and read this webcomic. I guarantee you, if you enjoyed books like Powers or Marshal Law, you will find this series to be awesome. Now I just wish that the end of the series is not he end of Turncoat forever. I want to see more of Duke the Superhero assassin.

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