ComixTribe seeking 6-word surf noir stories for CHUM

ComixTribe has announced that it is seeking 6-Word “Surf Noir” stories to join those submitted by Ed Brisson (The Violent, Sheltered), Christopher Sebela (High Crimes, We(l)come Back), Duane Swierczynski (The Black Hood), and more, to be featured in the pages ofCHUM, a new series debuting in April.

CHUM, described as “Pulp Fiction on the beach” is by Ryan K Lindsay andSami Kivela and available for pre-order now.(For a good long look at the book, click here.)

“Ryan had the crazy idea to reach out to fellow comic writers and request dark, beach-themed stories to include as backmatter in the book. The catch? Each story was to be exactly six words long,” said publisher Tyler James.

“I knew they did things strange down under in Ryan’s native Australia, but it turns out the stories coming in are pretty awesome.”


ComixTribe has already received over 100 six word surf noir tale submissions. While the stories have already been selected for CHUM #1, they are still open to submissions for stories that will see print in issues #2 & #3.  You can click here to submit your own six-word story.

Notes and Disclaimers:
  • By submitting a six word story, you’re giving ComixTribe the right to print it, with attribution to you, in the back of CHUM #2, CHUM #3, or a future CHUM collected edition, or include it any digital edition.
  • You’re also giving ComixTribe the right to share your story on our social media feeds, with attribution to you, even if it doesn’t make it into print.
  • If ComixTribe prints your story, they will mail you a copy of the print publication it appears in. However, there will be no other compensation.
  • Submitting a story does not mean ComixTribe will use it.
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