The Pull List: March 2


Miracleman by Gaiman and Buckingham: The Silver Age #1

It’s easy to see why I’m excited for this book, Neil Gaiman, and Mark Buckingham. This isn’t just a reboot, but a revisit and expansion of one of the most influential books from the 80’s. Miracleman was part of a wave of comics in the decade that also gave us DKR and Watchmen that started taking harder looks at the traditional superhero genre and the real world around us. Sure, there had been others, but can you think of a character that has both Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman as part of the creative team breathing life into a character?

“The Silver Age” is the continuation of the storyline that Gaiman started in the late 80’s with the 6-issue arc entitled “The Golden Age,” which was followed up by two issues of the next 6-issue installment called “The Silver Age.” Only two issues of the Silver age were published before Eclipse went bankrupt. Now we finally can start to get the rest of the story. I’m assuming that the planned last 6 issue installment, called, “The Dark Age,” will follow, wrapping up the originally planned story planned out by Gaiman over twenty years ago. (William Henry Dvorak)

MMPR 1 comic

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #1

I love it when franchises from my childhood resurface, and even though they technically never went anywhere, the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers have finally made their next comic debut with BOOM! Studios.  While issue #0 of the series was released in January of this year, the official first issue will be coming this week!  The Rangers have been reinvented with new looks, new Zords, new enemies, and powers for the past 22 years, but the comics take it back to the originals from the mid-90s who battled the evil Rita Repulsa.  Taking place after the Green Ranger, Tommy Oliver, escapes Rita’s mind control and defects from her forces, the story focuses on Tommy adjusting to life as part of the Power Ranger team while also grappling with the remnants of Rita’s influence on his mind.  I greatly appreciate the creators’ choice to take the story back to the OG Power Rangers and with a movie reboot coming up in 2017, the new comic series will hopefully prep the newest generation of MMPR fans for what’s in store for them on the big screen next year.

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