A Return to Home #1


So we’ve discussed his superhero comic series, Guardians, a couple of times in the past, but now the talented Todd Black has recently debuted his newest science fiction and fantasy comic series, Home. Todd has already started a fundraiser campaign to help finance production costs for each individual issue of what he is planning to be a four to six issue series. I’ve at least had the pleasure of reading the first issue of this series and it makes for a great lure to bait audiences and draw in supporters for the stories ahead. If you wish to read the first issue for yourself, be warned that there are spoilers ahead.

Home follows a humble, blue-haired heroine named Elysia who lives a quiet, lonely life, working as a janitor at a factory. While both of her parents have passed away, all of her friends have moved away, and the rest of the population in the small city she resides in treat her as an outcast due to her hair, the natural azure-haired girl gets along day by day just trying to make ends meet. Elysia seems less than content with her life, but having a passion and a gift for computer programming, she soon discovers that she can see and manipulate computer codes in the real world, correcting the codes to fix modern problems and help people. Shortly after she discovers this power, Elysia soon finds a large block of complex code that, when she rearranges it, unlocks a door to another world—a world where a group of ninjas/knights are defending a fortress from wolf-men. And that’s where issue one ends, but the true story to Home is set to begin, starting in the second book.

Blending science fiction and fantasy is always a good recipe to me, and I think Mr. Black may have concocted a very original blend from what I’ve seen in Home #1. At first the revelation of the code in the real world and Elysia’s ability to view and alter it brought to mind Neo in The Matrix trilogy. In fact, I was under the impression Elysia was either an alien or a construct in a virtual reality world, until she arrived in the fantasy realm. The full story and mystery behind Elysia’s blue hair and her abilities have yet to be revealed though. She could very well be an anomaly in a video game like Wreck-It Ralph, but only Black and his creative team know for sure.

The main character, feeling shunned for how she looks, bored with her day-to-day lifestyle, and dissatisfied with her social life, is very relatable, I think, to a lot of people in their teens to early adulthood. While the story has no actual dialogue between characters, Elysia’s internal monologue serves its purpose, giving the audience a clear view into her humdrum life until she is drawn into this alternate reality at the end of the book. For a lonely woman, it actually makes sense that she would only have an internal monologue and because she is speaking to the reader as she tells her story, it makes the story that much more engaging.

Even though Black has a completely different art team for Home the style is very similar to what we’ve seen in Guardians. Could there be a potential crossover? That’s another question for Black to answer in the future, but even on its own Home looks like it has potential to be great original miniseries.


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