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For this month’s the YouTube Binge, we bring the funny channel known as Dorkly. They launched sometime in 2010, and have since published over 300 videos and earned 1,500,000 subscribers. While I do like to give shoutouts to smaller, indie studios, I couldn’t help from mentioning this team. They put out some of the best content on YouTube, in my opinion of course.

Most of their videos are animated shorts, often with clever twists and turns applied from the very premise of each one. They don’t try to be PG, yet they aren’t raunchy. The content tends to revolve around some of our favorite characters having grown-up, adult problems (which is always fun). They create a great stories in a short amount of time, delivering good pacing and storytelling.

What I don’t like about these videos is the animation. For one they are inconsistent. They use different forms of animation for different shorts, not always toward stylistic success. Secondly, when they use the old-school Nintendo style, they sometimes try closeups that make the screen look like moving dots. (Maybe that’s the point? I’m not sure.)

Dorkly also has an informational shorts series that runs in a block they call Today in Nerd History. In some they give great details on the industry like their take on Marvel and Fox’s war over their various franchises. In others, there are fun facts as featured on the Comi Con episode.

What I don’t like about these videos is the host. I don’t think he’s an actual fan, so it’s hard to like him as an anchor to a geek info show. He seems to be reading off of slide cards and adds no personality to the content being discussed.

In their own words: “Dorkly is a fun take on fandom – let’s hang out.”

The Mario Shorts:

They do a lot of Mario shorts, but by far the best episodes are the Bowser episodes. The voice actor simply takes the cake on these episodes. With discussions on Bowser’s children, his desires, and need for better henchmen, this take on the King Koopa is great. Below are two episodes that made me subscribe to this channel:

Bowser Wants a Gun

Bowser’s Weekend with the Kids

Nerd History:

As I mentioned this show gives great info, like how the Dragon Ball Z episode talks about the censorship that happened when the series went over to other markets, and the Comic Con stories are just fun to know about.

5 Weird Ways Dragon Ball Z was Censored

The 5 Craziest True Life Comic Con Stories

So I know that usually I place them in an order that makes better sense, though this time I have not and really just added my favorites for you all to hit at random. If anybody is looking to catch up on previous binges, or to view a few of my favorite Dorkly series, I have also included them on a playlist on my YouTube page.

As always that channel is:

Feral Publication

Until next time, drink lots of beer and read many comics, it helps to keep this Black Ship of ours sailing smoothly.

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