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I know that I am showing up for the event fashionably late, but I am still excited about it nonetheless! After spending the better part of the 2015 holiday bingeing on Netflix, I managed to blow through the entire first seasons of Marvel’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones. I was thoroughly impressed with both of these original series, from their casting choices to their narratives, and I am excited for the premier of the second season of Daredevil tonight!

As many fans have pointed out online, both Daredevil and Jessica Jones explore the darker side of the Marvel universe with some of their lesser known heroes, but I can really appreciate that. While the Marvel movies try to keep a fun tone and cater to broader audiences, the small screen series show the consequences of superheroics in the same universe. And on that note, I don’t know why people hype up Deadpool’s R rating when these shows would clearly be on par with it as far as adult content goes.


I don’t mean to digress though, so I will get back to the highlights for the man of the hour… Daredevil! After defeating the Kingpin last season and tearing apart his organized crime empire piece by piece while building up the legend of the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, blind lawyer Matt Murdock, a.k.a. Daredevil, is set to do battle with a murderous vigilante, The Punisher, as well as his assassin ex-girlfriend, Elektra, and the evil organization known as the Hand.


While watching the first season in its entirety, the main events I anticipated most were the reveal of Matt’s iconic devil costume and his final match with the Kingpin. Since the Man in Black, as he was known throughout most of the first season, finally donned his red armor in the last episode, I wonder what the showrunners will give fans to look forward to this time around —besides the obvious climactic battle with the season’s big bad.

Personally, my favorite battle scene from season one had to be Daredevil’s duel with the ninja Nobu. In that episode the hero not only had one of his closest brushes with death at Nobu’s hands, but he also had his first encounter with the Kingpin. I love a well-choreographed brawl, which is what Nobu offered, and I also love seeing great characters who challenge each other on multiple levels interact, which is what Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin did perfectly opposite Charlie Cox’s Daredevil.

With what is known so far about this new season, I am currently interested to see how the titular character develops. We know that he will be fighting against a league of assassins, possibly some with supernatural abilities, so the Man without Fear will be pushed in both his fighting prowess and in his own superhuman power.

We know that there will be plenty of romance to go around with Clair Temple, Karen Page, and his old flame Elektra thrown into the mix. We know that his friendship with Foggy Nelson will either be strained further or reinforced ever since Foggy’s discovery of Matt’s double life in the previous season. I actually believe that they will trust in each other more after they succeeded together in removing Kingpin from power, and with a larger threat on the rise, despite his concerns for his best friend’s life, Foggy will acknowledge that Hell’s Kitchen needs its hero to step up and protect it from corruption.

The Punisher, however, is probably my favorite addition to the cast this season (welcome back from the dead, Shane!). I really look forward to seeing how the Punisher challenges Daredevil’s ideals about justice and his hard rule to not kill his enemies in order to distinguish himself from the villains. Of course, judging from the trailers, Elektra may fill a similar role, but hers can easily be played from a different angle given her history with Matt.


I have no gripes from the previous season to give me any reason to be skeptical about this second one. I expect the show to only get better. Since Luke Cage and Iron Fist are to debut soon and Jessica Jones is supposed to return for a second season as well, what I am going to call the “Marvel small screen Phase Two” should shape up nicely. In fact, with the build up to The Defenders series I suspect Marvel is holding back something spectacular for their expanded universe on Netflix. Only time will tell, but tonight’s Daredevil may offer a modest preview of things to come.

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