Cliffhangers from Daredevil’s Season 2


It’s official: Daredevil’s second season lives up to most of my expectations. I finished the season in its entirety in about a week and a half, trying to slow myself down in bingeing so I could digest and appreciate each episode little by little. While I enjoyed a lot about this season though there were several things that kind of lost me. Since I will be speaking on the entire season, I will warn that there are spoilers ahead.

One of the biggest reveals this season was Elektra’s role in the war between the Chaste and the Hand. Even though Stick was aware that Elektra was in fact the great weapon of the Hand known as Black Sky, he still decided to train her. He knew there would be dissent from within his own ranks and her bloodlust could be easily turned on him, but he kept her long enough to train her, only to eventually abandon her. In this situation, I did not understand why Stick employed Elektra again just to get Matt involved in the war only to try to kill her later. It seemed unnecessary to use her since Daredevil would have joined his second father figure to combat any threat to Hell’s Kitchen anyway.

Also, how could Elektra possibly be Black Sky if Stick killed the boy he claimed was Black Sky in Episode 7 of Season 1? He knew Elektra as a child and was aware of her identity then, so it doesn’t seem likely he could have mistaken someone else to be the Hand’s ultimate weapon. And there was no clarification on what Nobu’s endgame was once he got Elektra to come over to the dark side. There was also no explanation for the chemicals that were being harvested from the kidnapped teenagers who turned out to be willing participants in the Hand’s grand scheme.


And as far as evil schemes and twists go, there were so many misdirects and set ups for next season that they created far more questions than answers for the current season. I didn’t understand at all why Elektra led Matthew to believe that she was battling the Yakuza instead of telling him outright who he was dealing with. I also thought there was more to the “Blacksmith” and his vendetta with the Punisher, but upon learning his identity and his relationship to Frank Castle, some of his motives seemed kind of flat. Why didn’t Castle suspect the Colonel to be the Blacksmith anyway if he knew the Blacksmith to be a major drug lord and the Colonel had invited him to join him before in his trade and why didn’t Castle try to get more answers after he found out who was really behind his family’s murder? And after pushing both Karen and Foggy away and just losing Elektra, why did Matt decide then to reveal himself as Daredevil to Karen?

Seeing Elektra in the strange container that the blood of the drugged-up teens was pumped into, convinces me that she will be resurrected next season and used by the Hand as intended, but hopefully her return answers how Nobu escaped death after his fight with Daredevil in Season 1. There’s also the matter of Kingpin’s next big move. He seemed to be very comfortable with prison life after having the Punisher eliminate his biggest competition, but if his funds are drying up as his lawyer/financial advisor stated, how will he sustain his power over the guards and prisoners? And Kingpin said himself that nothing else would matter after he gained his power in prison, so he must have some big picture already developing. He obviously could walk out of prison any time he wants, which was made clear when he ordered the Punisher’s release.

And my final big question from Season 2 is what kind of Daredevil can we expect now? Throughout the season, the characters constantly debated over what kind of hero/justice the city needed, and Daredevil finally conceded and decided to do things as Elektra and Punisher said he should. In the final fight, he held back nothing, did not berate Elektra or Punisher for their methods in assisting him, and even threw Nobu off the roof with the intent to kill. Will Daredevil only kill certain kinds of villains now, like boss-level baddies such as Nobu and Kingpin, or all of them now that he knows the legal system is too broken to trust? And after the Kingpin’s threat to destroy the people in Murdock’s life, will Daredevil take out the crime boss permanently to make sure he does not make good on his threats against Foggy and Karen?

There is so much to ponder over for the next year, and since there will obviously be a third season and The Defenders is supposed to be released this year some answers should be coming… eventually. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing how the MCU expands further on the small screen with its other series.


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