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Anyone who knows me, knows that Kevin Smith is one of my all-time favorite storytellers. I follow just about everything he does, so naturally I landed on Fat Man on Batman and Movie Fights! This month I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite episodes of each.

Fat Man on Batman is without a doubt a must watch for all the latest geek news. They have a lot of insider information that can be trusted. The host (Kevin Smith) and co-host (Marc Bernardin) have an in-depth knowledge of the movie industry as well as an in-depth knowledge of comics.

For those of you who’ve never Viewed Askew, Kevin Smith is the director of Clerks, Dogma, Red State, Tusk and many others (think anything featuring Jay and Silent Bob); he’s recently directed an episode of the Flash. Marc Bernardin wrote a single episode of a television show called Alphas.

The playing field is a little more even in their comics experience. Kevin Smith had a run on Oni comics with his Jay and Silent Bob characters, he wrote for Daredevil, Green Arrow, Spider-Man, and others. Marc Bernadin has possibly more fame in this respect having co-created Genius, Push, and written for a whole bunch of other characters from DC and Marvel.

The first episode I recommend features Kevin Smith with a guest co-host, Matt Kennedy. It gives a lot of information about the history of the comic industry. It goes into the story behind Bob Kane, the creator of Batman, and Jerry Robbins, the man who created Robbin, and delves into the mystery of who really created the Joker.

The second episode is a more recent topic. It looks at the Daredevil Netflix series. It is hosted by Marc Bernadin and co-hosted by Lexi Alexander (Director of Punisher: War Zone). I like this episode because it makes a great point about comic lore and the people who create fan-favorite stories. Lexi suggests that many directors of these narratives are not fans themselves, and none of them were nerds until it became cool.



The next podcast, Screen Junkies Movie Fights is a pop-culture debate show, with and the topics like “pitch the next Batman solo film,” or “who would win in a fight,” and other such fun prompts.

The host, Andy Signore, is a very formal man, and does a good job keeping the show going. Sometimes the geeky gladiators do not debate the point, and he gives them a proper shove in the right direction. Best debate wins, and it is good fun to see people argue about things they love. It also leads to new movies, comic characters, and bits of media to look into.

The episode linked to below includes Kevin Smith as a guest fighter. The topics for this episode are: best Harrison Ford movie; pitch a Marvel/ DC crossover, who would win and why; pitch the next solo Batman film;greatest director who also acted; who should be the next Marvel big bad; best Star Wars prequel — all very funny things to think about, especially as imagined by Silent Bob himself.


There are even more episodes added on my YouTube channel. Check them out and let us know what you think. I push play on these and let them run while I have at my daily routine. Until next time, all hands on deck and keep this Black Ship of ours sailing!

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