A Double Dose of Undead Finales

I am over a week late in posting my review for The Walking Dead’s sixth season finale, but I think it suffices to say that, like many other fans of the series, I was rather disappointed. There was so much hype surrounding the final episode of the season and it was even toted as the best episode yet of the series, but it really fell flat. After devoting 90 minutes of my life to sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for something epic to happen, I felt like I was rewarded with nothing more than an hour and a half of Rick’s family road trip, which only culminated in the brutal death of an unknown member of his beloved core group. I know the introduction of supervillain Negan, Morgan’s abandonment of his value for life, and the first look at citizens of The Kingdom were also big deals, but given the level of excitement throughout this season I really thought it was going to end on a grander note. I am not going to bash TWD, because despite the letdown I am still amped for what is already being promised for Season 7, but I will do an about-face and turn this article toward another zombie-centric show that hasn’t disappointed yet: iZombie. Some SPOILERS ahead if you are not already caught up.


iZombie actually took up a two-hour slot this week for its second season finale and I felt like it did an excellent job resolving some of the major plots of the season. Major was finally identified and captured for the Chaos Killer and Meat Cute Massacre cases, but subsequently released from prison and from the employ of the evil corporation Max Rager; Liv finally revealed the existence of zombies to Detective Babineaux; Blaine got a little bit of his bad-boy groove back despite his amnesia; and Max Rager was finally taken down… sort of. This finale even gave us the first zombie massacre on the show which brought to mind several movies including 28 Days Later, Return of the Living Dead 3, and Resident Evil. But beyond what was presented, I am interested to see how the events unfold for the following season.


The two largest big bads of the series, Mr. Boss and Max Rager, still remain. While the big energy drink business once owned by a human sociopath did have its initial nefarious plan foiled by Liv and friends, its regime change has left it now in the hands of a paramilitary zombie group bent on taking over Seattle and turning it into the “zombie capital”. Mr. Boss, who attempted to have Blaine and Peyton executed so that he could continue with his own operations in the city without further trouble, is still at large and no longer under scrutiny of local authorities. I was really expecting Mr. Boss to join the zombie ranks by the end of this season and possibly start his own brain trade and zombie army, but that could still be a plot reserved for a later time in the series. I am really more interested in what direction the show will take with the new zombie antagonists in town. Their plan is kind of vague but it seems like they intend to draw more zombies to the city and organize them, wanting Liv to assist them in some way.


In the romance department, there are a few relationships that still need some closure or possibly new beginnings going into Season 3. After Liv had to execute her zombie-cop boyfriend Drake in order to rescue Babineaux, her relationship with Major could be back on the table. Without the worries of endangering one another with a zombie/human relationship and the hindrance of keeping secrets from each other, Liv and her former beau may have a chance. The love triangle between Peyton, Ravi, and Blaine also remains for the next season, as Peyton and Ravi tried to spark things up again but Blaine ended up being Peyton’s white knight after she was abducted by Mr. Boss’s goons, to Ravi’s chagrin. As for nonromantic relationships, I think Liv and Babineaux’s partnership will grow now that she no longer has to keep her condition a secret and there will most likely be more zombie-related crimes in future episodes.


What I love most about iZombie is that it is a show with its own niche and it succeeds on every level of comedy, suspense, mystery, and everything in between. The media has been oversaturated with zombies, and while TWD excels on the dramatic side, iZombie excels in other aspects and sits comfortably on its own pedestal among other shows and movies featuring the undead. As with most series, I’ve never read the comics but in the past two seasons of this show I think that the actors onscreen really own their characters, which makes it all the more enjoyable. I have no doubt that the series will return for another season, possibly several more — as long as it remains true to itself and consistently delivers in the way it has for the past two seasons, I will continue to look forward to it.

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