F3, Week 34: “Take an Asprin and Call Me in The Morning”

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Let’s take a peek at the healthcare industry. There are doctors, nurses, and technicians from various disciplines, all dedicated to the care and well-being of their patients. There is an element of mystery too. So many different people are in and out of patients’ rooms throughout the course of each day. They give, they take, they poke, they stick, and we comply, usually without looking too closely at their name tags.

Surgery is quite the roll of the dice as well. A sedative is administered so the patient is relaxed as they’re being wheeled into the operating room, and what greets them? A room full of people covered from head to toe in white gowns, all with masks covering their faces. Just the right atmosphere to lull us into a deep and dreamless sleep.

This week, we’re going to a hospital, and the ole you play is completely up to you.

Prompt: Write a story that is set in a hospital

Genre: Medical Thriller

Word Count: 1,500 or less

Deadline: Thursday, April 21, 2016

Post your story on your blog or website and provide a link to it in the comment section of this prompt.

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