100% Biodegradable Delivers a Dozen

This week I had the pleasure of reading the twelfth issue of the science fiction/fantasy/horror anthology 100% Biodegradable. I reviewed Issue 11 of this regular quarterly anthology back in January and discovered some favorite comics and new creators to follow. This Wednesday their latest installment arrived in digital stores and I have found a few new favorites, as well as some regulars making a return.

The latest issue features Jimmy Furlong and Andrew Hartmann’s Moby Douche – Part 2, finishing the misadventures of celebrity chef Hannibal Ramsey Kincaid and his associates which began in Issue 11. After he encounters various enemies from his past, Kincaid and his team must take some risky gambits to survive what was supposed to be a relaxing vacation. This is actually one of the most humorous stories in the book and Kincaid really comes off as a Zapp Brannigan-type that you just love to hate.

There are also continuations of Brett Burbridge and John Freeman’s science fiction spy story Death Duty Renegade and one of my personal favorites, Dave Thomson and David Hailwood’s Cackbeard the Pirate. In his latest adventure, Cackbeard and his crew come across a pod of space whales while also engaging in a standoff with another pirate by the name of Rob Barley (yes, another fictional representation of Bob Marley). In Part Six of Death Duty Renegade, newly reformed former Death Duty member Travis Wilson is still being hunted by the Death Duty Kill Squad after defecting to a rebel cell. I originally didn’t follow the story since I picked it up at Part 5, but it seems to be growing on me a bit. DDR actually reminds me of something along the lines of Total Recall (the original and the remake) from what I have seen of it.

Several new stories have also debuted in this issue. Operation Overkill is about a private prison on a ship that becomes targeted for an airstrike due to an “infestation”. Red Rover tells the story of Agent Red Rover who is dispatched to investigate a ship left dead in space, but while on his mission, he discovers that the organization he works for has new plans for him. Bernie Quatro and Area 101 are also new additions to Biodegradable, one a story of a career crook on a personal mission for coffee and vengeance, and the other a story that plays similar to The Most Dangerous Game and The Hunger Games, respectively.

What I enjoy most about the 100% Biodegradable anthologies is that none of the stories, with the exception of DDR maybe, are what I would consider hardcore science fiction/horror/fantasy and none of the creators take the narrative too seriously. Every story has a bit of subtle, dry humor to them, but every short also has the potential to be expanded into a larger universe, even those that are brief and self-contained. There is definitely more science fiction than anything in this issue, but I think for anyone who is a fan of the genre, there is something you will like.

You can check out the book here http://bit.ly/1SD855q, and it is now available at Comicsy, Comixology, and DriveThru Comics.

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