Webcomics and The Red Hook By Dean Haspiel


The Red Hook: by Dean Haspiel


Webcomics are probably the best way for any would-be creator to get their work out there. Sure, submitting your stuff to publishers works for a lot of people, but trying to grab their attention is hard to say the least. One thing a webcomic can do that no standard submission can, is show your commitment and dependability to people. It shows you can be consistent with getting your content out, and it shows that you are a true professional. Professionalism is a big question that every publisher has about perspective creators, and has no real way to gauge with a standard submission if you have no previous work.

Webcomics also gives creators the freedom to do what they want, freedom from the whims and sometimes silly demands of a publisher. You are in control of your project, the content, and ultimately your own career. Getting into comics is not easy, but making your own webcomic is hands-down one of the best ways to build a resume, show you’re a professional, and start building a fan base.

I was recently reminded of just how good they can be when I read Turncoat by Ryan O’Sullivan and Plaid Klaus, and wrote a review about it. It was by far one of the best funny superhero books I had read in a long time. Turncoat also forced me to go an take a look at what else was on the internet, and here are some of my favorites.

Turncoat: by Ryan O’Sullivan and Plaid Klaus


Strong Female Protagonist: By Brennan Lee Mulligan



The Young Protectors: By Alex Woolfson and Adam DeKraker

The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Title and Credits


The Adventures of Dr. McNinja: By Christopher Hastings


JL8: By Yale Stewart



What brought me back to writing another article about webcomics was the New Brooklyn shared superhero universe on Webtoon. In particular, the work of Dean Haspiel with his super thief, The Red Hook. Dean won me over with his work on The Fox for the people at Archie, and now Dark Circle Comics, which publishes their superhero books. The work he did on the Fox with Mark Waid was fantastic, so I had to check out his latest incarnation, And I wasn’t disappointed.

Dean’s Red Hook story is the first in a series that will also introduce new heroes like The Purple Heart by Vito Delsante, and The Brooklynite by Seth Kushner, and Shamus Beyale. Right now you can find the first part by Dean Haspiel on Webtoons under the superhero genre.

Dean’s style is fun, and energetic. His story telling is quirky, and gives a light hearted look at serious issues. He seems to have a knack for giving his work a certain twist to it, that always leaves me wanting more. I wouldn’t call it cliffhangers at the end of every page, but it is a consistent building interest to see where the story is going. There never seems to be a dead spot in his stories.

If you like superheroes, then you will like this new webcomic by Dean, and you will enjoy all of the other recommendations that I have talked about in this article too. They are fun, free, and giving to you a side of the superhero genre that seems to be lacking in the printed works out there.

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