The Fate of the MCU Post Civil War

Civil War

So this past weekend I went to see the latest offering into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America: Civil War. This film plays off of the Marvel Comics event of the same name in a lot of excellent ways while not really meeting the epic scale of the book. Simply put though, that would be impossible.

I am not going to bore you with another review of how good this movie was. It was great. Everyone was awesome in it, I really liked Spider-Man and I really liked Black Panther. I thought the new additions to the universe were absolutely awesome. The new Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and T’challa (Chadwick Boseman) nailed their parts and the characters are in great hands. Now without further ado:




From this point on I am talking unabashedly about Civil War and what it means for the MCU, if you haven’t seen it by now I would stop reading the article.

I want to go through the major parts of the movie and put out my fan theories based on what I see and what I think Marvel would do logically. There also might be a little bit of wishful thinking if we are being completely honest.

The first thing I want to talk about is the Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and the Vision (Paul Bettany). I think the cutest scenes in the film belonged to them. It was awesome to see them starting to connect and some sparks flying between them. I love that it is happening because that is what happens in the books and I think it’s bold to do it on screen. I honestly never thought they would attempt such a storyline because it’s honestly one of the more convoluted and messy stories of the Avengers but it is important to the two characters, who are important to the Avengers. It’s encouraging that they are choosing to do it because that opens the door for others characters like Wonder Man (whose human alter ego Simon Wilson, has already been leaked to be played by Nathan Fillion, at least it’s him in posters).

The nest thing I want to mention is Black Panther and Spider-Man being present. I am thrilled to see these two heroes in the MCU, Black Panther especially. I think this opens the door for a lot of other heroes and ideas that may have seemed unreachable before. I also think Spider-Man being a teenager is the best way to handle his story. It’s an important part of his history that he gained these powers so young, and it’s a part that the past movies seem to have forgotten.

Also GIANT MAN IS HERE!! I was so excited to not only finally see Ant Man take his place with the Avengers, but so excited to see him grow into Giant Man! Despite the fact that it is not Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) under the mask I am so excited to see Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) palling around with the Avengers. I think this will lead to the appearance of The Wasp (Evangeline Lilly), which has been already announced in the Ant Man sequel, and her seeking out Ant Man after his escape from the Raft, ultimately leading to her being on an Avengers team, and leading to us seeing Giant Man and the Wasp on screen together, finally.

The last thing I wanted to talk about, the thing I think is most important, is the future of the Avengers movies in general. I feel like the next Avengers movie will be re-titled Secret Avengers, or something of the sort, and will consist of a new Avengers Team, full of new heroes, being led by Iron Man to capture Captain America’s Secret Avengers team, made up of the crew we saw from the Raft. These teams will clash and it will ultimately result in both teams losing to Thanos, who appears to rip the final Infinity Gem out of the Vision’s skull, uniting the teams in the final Avenger’s movie, Infinity War.

This is just where I can see the MCU going in the next few films. I feel like these are logical steps to take and I honestly hope it pans out something similar to this. Either way the movies are in great hands and the MCU is well on its way. Ending one phase and beginning a new one with grace and excellence.

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