Two Hits and a Miss for CW’s Finales


So much has happened within the past week with the premiere of Preacher, the series finale of Banshee, and so many other seasons wrapping up. And as far as finales go, the CW really impressed me this week, but one of my favorite shows did disappoint. The only three shows that I want to cover this week are Arrow, The Flash, and Supernatural. Spoilers ahead, but I just hope everyone is caught up.

The Flash finale set up so much for multiple seasons to come. Zoom’s bomb was a nice wink to the Crisis on Infinite Earths’ storyline. I also appreciated how they brought back the time wraiths to wrap up the Zoom story, but they also gave a glimpse of the Black Flash in addition to that. The Jay Garrick reveal was kind of predictable, especially after Barry’s real father was killed off, and after doing a little research I realized that John Wesley Shipp, who plays Barry’s father, also played the Flash in the original The Flash series of the 90s. They did foreshadow the reveal very well when Henry Allen mentioned his mother’s maiden name was Garrick as well.

The nod to the original TV series and the Golden Age Flash were both well played, in my opinion. The final scene of the episode was an obvious set up for the Flashpoint Paradox story, which I thought they avoided after Barry went back to save his mother once before, but this season they actually went through with it. With all of the characters available for the small screen adaptations now and the impending crossovers for Supergirl, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow, I hope they do the Flashpoint storyline justice, but I guess they don’t want to repeat too much since they borrowed a little bit from that plot before when they were trying to restore Barry’s powers. Fingers are still crossed though.

Arrow’s finale was also great and while I have few ideas for what they may do for the next season, I had so many thoughts about the episode itself. After all of the emphasis on hope this season, I was glad that hope was actually the key to Oliver negating Damien Darhk’s powers. After inspiring so many people in the city, the Green Arrow’s own magic protection was amplified to the point that even Darhk’s supreme power couldn’t touch him. I was also surprised that Oliver embraced his own darkness enough to actually kill Darhk and accept that bloodying his hands again was his only choice. All of the times that Malcolm Merlin has been spared for his misdeeds and yet he still lives for seasons to come, but Darhk’s offenses far outpaced Merlin’s to the point that even Oliver couldn’t stand for it much longer.

For the season as a whole, I loved how many of the Arrow’s old rogues were brought back into play, including Brick and Felicity’s ex-boyfriend. What I loved most about this season and its finale were the individual storylines for each of Team Arrow’s members and how each of them suffered in the end even in victory that they all had to acknowledge their own darkness and go their separate ways. Besides seeing more of Mayor Queen, I don’t know what to expect for the fifth season, but I am hoping Oliver assembles a new team composed of some other heroes he has met along the way, like Vixen, Red Arrow, and the new Black Canary… even Curtis would be a great hero if he chose to don a mask!

Last, and unfortunately least, I honestly didn’t really care too much for the finale of Supernatural because I feel like it fell far from my expectations; I don’t see how much further the show can go after they played the “God card” and pretty much did nothing with it. God has been just an idea that the show has played with as if He was only a myth since the first few seasons, and even though they presented Him along with the first, ultimate evil—his own sister—everything was wrapped up neatly, yet there was no epic finish. A finale that could have had one of the biggest bangs, pretty much went out with a mediocre puff compared to past seasons. The only real bang to the finale was the gunshot that possibly did or didn’t finally kill off Sam Winchester, and the revival of Sam and Dean’s mother could also terminate one of the major motives for the Winchester brothers. I can say that I appreciated the Ghostbusters reference.

So, two out of three isn’t bad. I have been faithful to Supernatural since the show debuted its first episode, but I really feel like the series should just go out with its head high rather than force stories that are going to disappoint their fan base and possibly lead to its cancellation. I hope Arrow and The Flash continue to improve, even though I truly believe Darhk will probably be my favorite villain in any of the TV series DC presents at this point. I am looking forward to the fall with high expectations and hopefully I won’t be let down by any of these shows this time next year.

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