Geoff Johns to Head DC Films

Geoff-Johns-DC-Movie-UniverseAnticipation for Batman v Superman caused quite a stir in the cinematic world of comic book adaptations. There are people still arguing over it, even now, months after its release. That being said, I’m not going to beat such a dead horse. Instead, let’s focus on what’s next.

One good thing to come out of all the ruckus — as the right- and wrongdoings of the film’s entire production were scrutinized — was that Warner Brothers listened. Now, please keep in mind the big wigs at Warner Brothers are concerned about making you happy, but only after making their money, which is the way it should be. Despite what we as consumers might want to think, this is a business, and the goal of business is to make money, yet there can be a way to do that while also being true to the fans, not to mention the source material. The best example of this was the Deadpool movie. It stayed true to the character, not giving in to those yelling for it be toned down to a PG-13 rating. Well, with recent moves, it appears that Warner Brothers is following that lead.

Someone up in the ivory tower at Warner Brothers must’ve been aware of the criticism overflowing from the internet, aware enough to stop and wonder if their approach was effective. They looked at their bottom-line, and the amount of money that BvS made, and must have wondered if it would have made more money had they been a little truer to the characters. At least that’s the way I take it, because why else would you bring in Geoff Johns to oversee the new DC films along with executive VP Jon Berg?

Johns is considered the custodian of continuity at DC, as their current Chief Creative Officer, and he is the driving force behind the latest reboot. (Don’t care what they say, “Rebirth” is a reboot.) I groaned when I heard the news about the latest event at DC, but that was tempered when I learned that Johns would lend his unique ability to reinvent established characters, while paying homage to their history. This fact alone has kept me from bashing this latest reboot, because if anyone can get that train back on the track, it’s Johns.

Which leads me back to the announcement of Johns being brought on to supervise DC films. This move should keep their cinematic universe from spiraling out of control, as Johns can guide Snyder away from stepping all over the legacies of the characters we love, keeping us moviegoers happy. What Hollywood forgets is that these characters have been successful with a formula that has worked for over seventy five years. Johns realizes that, and has shown the ability to breath new life into faltering comic franchises while staying true to the core.

I realize this is a tall order I’m laying at Johns’ feet. A veteran comic book guy can barely fit into a room full of Hollywood egos, let alone influence them enough to stay the course. But I have to think this is the exact reason he’s being put in charge, because someone at Warner Brothers gets it.

In conclusion, I would hope that most of the saber rattling on the internet over BvS will subside as people realize Warner Brothers is listening. If Johns can work the same magic he has had in the past with comics, then the future of DC films looks very bright.

William Henry Dvorak
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