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At last, that thing nobody really asked for, June’s YOUTUBE Binge! This month I found and focused on two 1990s comic-book movies.

Captain America

I recently found the 90’s Cap film on the YouTube. I decided to watch it as an old, nostalgic man. My first viewing was in Nicaragua back when I was there visiting family during summer vacation. We went to the video store and rented films daily, this being one of them. I remember that my brothers, cousins, and self all loved it.

When watching it this time around, I thought that I was going to hate it. So much has changed in the film industry since that original screening, to a point that I never thought possible as a youth, but I have to admit that the film holds up. The acting isn’t as over-the-top as you would think, the writing was well done, and the content stayed true to the comics. It actually resembles Captain America: The First Avenger a lot.

Best scene in this film was the car scene. It’s after a reporter goes to retrieve Steve, when Cap begins to see that the car is German made, the radio Japanese, and suspects that the man driving him is a secret agent. I liked that interpretation more than the Cap we have now, him so easily getting over the time clash.

Cast: Matt Salinger as Steve Rogers / Captain America; Ronny Cox as President Thomas “Tom” Kimball; Garrette Ratliffe as young Tom; Scott Paulin as Tadzio de Santis/Red Skull; Massimilio Massimi as young Tadzio; Ned Beatty as Sam Kolawetz; Darren McGavin as General Fleming; Bill Mumy as young Fleming

Trailer Found Here

Fantastic Four

Another great find was a 1990s Fantastic Four film that was never meant to be released. I assumed that this movie was going to be garbage, but being a big FF fan, and having never viewed it, I pushed play anyway — man was I surprised.

Besides a few weak plot points, and an obvious lack of money and ability (as far as CGI), this was more true to the comics than any other FF attempt made thus far. It also brought in the mole men, something I can’t believe we’ve yet to see in the newer versions.

Best scene in this movie has to be when Ben Grim is first seen by the military people who went to retrieve him; it was pretty damn close to the original comic story. The actor who plays the Thing in this film was great.

Worst part of this movie was the origin story for Doom. They keep trying to make Dr. Doom a man with superhuman powers that he attains in the same accident as the titular team, cutting corners it would seem.

Cast: Alex Hyde-White as Reed Richards / Mister Fantastic; Jay Underwood as Johnny Storm / Human Torch; Phillip Van Dyke as young Johnny; Rebecca Staab as Sue Storm / Invisible Woman; Mercedes McNab as young Sue; Michael Bailey Smith as Ben Grimm; Carl Ciarfalio as the Thing; Joseph Culp as Victor Von Doom / Dr. Doom; Kat Green as Alicia Masters

Trailer Found Here

Well that’s it folks — I hope you enjoy these two titles as much as I did. Until next time, all hands on deck and let’s keep this Black Ship of ours sailing!

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