Comic Bento; Time Travel Themed Box Review

comic bentoWelcome back to this black ship of ours, I am as always glad that you took the time to see what the crew and I are up to.

I have recently signed up for comic bento. I was hoping to unbox this month’s box but due to some complications I am unable to do so at the moment but I should be able to later tonight. So since the united states postal service decided other wise, I will instead be reviewing last month’s comic bento stash.

Unboxing video found here

Ivar the Time Walker, Valiant
Fred Van Lente/ Clayton Henery/ Brian Reber
Cover Price: $9.99

This title was a well done take on time traveler’s. I appreciated the idea of time travelers being spectators and being unable to really change the time stream. It had a real Sci-Fi feel that valiant has over all, and does well in this title. One thing that I enjoyed a lot, but wasn’t really elaborated on, was the idea of time traveling pranksters. I thought that was a funny idea that I would’ve loved for them to get into a little more. Another theme in the title was a whole bunch of time travelers trying to kill Hitler. Very funny.

The art is too clean for my blood, but it seems to be what everyone is currently into.

Chrono’s Commandos, Icon
Stuart Jennett
Cover Price: $14.99

What else would you expect from the company that publishes ‘Tank Girl’. This is a straight up fun read that is in your face with it’s counter culture. Nothing prolific from the text, but it has a lot of style and attitude which makes the adventure fast paced, and the enemies are Nazi’s, who the hell doesn’t love a story where the main objective is to kill some Nazi’s!

The art is as well great. It has a slick style, but very gory. Something reminiscent of the Comix Tribe Oxymoron title.

X-men Days of Future Past, Marvel
Chris Claremont/ John Byrne
Cover Price: $19.99

This title reminded me why Marvel held such a high position within the comic community. Each comic found within this graphic novel was a saga into itself. The day of future past comics, was darker then I remembered from my youth, and much needed. It gave me more of an impact when I was thinking about the travesties that the mutants had to face. Hearing Kittie Pride remember her children who had been murdered was saddening. The thought of her dying alongside everyone to make sure that their reality never came to be was uplifting, but contasted by the threat of never meeting her children of love Colossus. I mean it’s great writing.

The art was the classic art which I like but isn’t from my favorite time period.

Mankind: The story of us all.
Cover Price $14.99

This title was a nice read. Sadly though, the stories were way too short for me. I couldn’t get into the graphic novel because as soon as I got into one of the shorts it was over. It did well to build the setting, but ounce built it shoved me to the next place, so this titles pace was off.

The art varied but overall this had a lot of nice grimy art. The disheveled look at times, and the clean look depending on the time and story. Which was nice to see. Different eras should look and feel different.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t think I was going to like the titles that I received but I was excited with the titles I got, and after reading them I know I’m signing up for a while.

Favorite title from this month was Chrono’s Commandos, least favorite was Mankind.

Title that I was most excited to read was Ivar Time Walker (ranked at 2) and the title I was least excited about was X-men (ranked at 3).

So I should be getting the next Comic Bento box any minute now, so stay tuned for the unboxing to that one later today. As always thanks for taking the time to read this short blurb, and I hope that this helps you in deciding whether or not Comic Bento is for you.

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