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It’s me again, nerds. Let’s talk.

Over the past few years, nerds of all stripes have gotten a bit more vocal about their disdain for certain things. Be it the casting of a role, an unnecessary sequel, or anger at whatever Norse god got Firefly canceled all those years ago, nerd rage is at an all-time high. You could say that it is a symptom of a larger problem with society, but that’s not what I’m here to do. Since the first dandy called Oscar Wilde a sell-out for making some money off his writing, dorks have been getting mad at creators for whatever slight they feel has been directed at just them. These days  nerds don’t complain at the local comic store however, they complain online for all to see, and oh what a sight it is!

The most recent dust-up has been over the Ghostbusters reboot/remake/reimagining/cash-grab that releases this week. Full disclosure; I don’t particularly like the first Ghostbusters and I don’t think I have ever even watched the second one. This of course means that I can have a (mostly) unbiased view of the controversies surrounding it, and based on what I’ve heard, it seems there are two camps of complainers; one believes that the movie is another pointless remake (probably correct) and the other camp goes “ewww GIRLS!”

Alright nerds, I got no problem with you not wanting a filmmaker to “rape your childhood” or whatever totally ignorant statement you’re using to define a remake of a movie these days, but now you’re resting on an argument that a fifth grader might make? So who would you cast in the movie? Jonah Hill? Denzel Washington? Skeet Ulrich? Yourself? I’m sure that if a Hollywood casting director met you they would see through the Cheetos dust and figure out that no one understands the Ghostbusters mythos like you do, but unfortunately Hollywood executives don’t go to the Des Moines GameStop for casting calls. Deal with it.


Thank God pick-up artist Mystery will always be there to make them you better.

The problem with the constant complaining involved with pop culture is that it makes it virtually impossible to get new things made. If hardcore fans of a series, such as the ones who had been demanding a new Ghostbusters movie for years, are already deriding a movie due to one trailer, then what hope would a new property have of getting noticed? The next time you’re complaining about the current season of Game of Thrones that you illegally downloaded, between chugs of Mountain Dew Code Red of course, remember that you are part of the reason series like Twilight exist; teenage girls and grown women actually pay to watch movies in the theater and don’t consistently complain about everything.

Although the internet has opened up communication like nothing else before (it’s the reason my writing and this fine website are able to reach you), it also unfortunately makes everyone feel like they are an authority. I give my opinions on movies on this website on a weekly basis. I know some people will agree with me, and some won’t, but I don’t fool myself into believing my opinion is any more valid than anyone else’s. Most people understand this, so what is it about geek/nerd culture that makes its denizens think otherwise?

When Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was released, I had never watched the previous three. This meant that I was able to enjoy it without any baggage. It wasn’t my favorite movie but it wasn’t bad for what it was. However, f you were around any geeks that summer, then you know my opinion was the wrong one to have. I was told over and over that I just “didn’t understand” how much Lucas and Spielberg had “ruined their childhood” by releasing this movie. With this in mind, I went and watched the rest of them. Crystal Skull, while not the best, is also not the worst; in my mind, that award goes to Temple of Doom. Funny thing is, I know a lot of people who count that installment as their favorite, but shouldn’t my opinion be the only one that counts using modern-day nerd logic?


Worst. Movie. Ever. Not really, but it is kind of lame if you’re not ten.

The Ghostbusters reboot is getting the kind of critical reviews so far that I expect it to — it’s okay but kind of unnecessary. The thing is, that’s the story for about 90% of all sequels and remakes. I doubt this one will be much different, so why does it deserve the kind of scorn prior to release that something like Jurassic World didn’t get? Is it because it had been so long since the last one? Is it just due to the fact that women were cast as the stars? I don’t know, but I bet all those people who claim they won’t watch it will still be there on opening night, or at the very least will pirate it. Or maybe they’ll just play Pokémon GO instead, although that might require a little more effort than they are willing to exert. Eating Cheetos and looking up videos on Mr. Skin takes a lot out of a person.

Until next time…


I am at a loss.

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