F3, Week 48: Do You Believe in Magic?

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You’ve met someone you’re crazy about, but he/she sees you as nothing more than an acquaintance. You mention your crush to a friend, who tells you there’s a simple solution to your problem. All it would take is one visit to the old woman who lives at the north end of town. Tell her what you want, she’ll cast a spell, and your wish for love will come true. Your friend used her ‘services’ and the spell worked perfectly.

You’re not a believer in all that hocus pocus nonsense, but decide to give it a try anyway. After all, what can it hurt?

Prompt: Write a story about casting a love spell

Genre: Horror

Word Count: 1,500 or less

Deadline: Thursday, July 28, 2016

Post your story on your blog or website and provide a link to it in the comment section of this prompt.

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