The Sleek, Sexy Blue-Black Bird of Darkness….

… otherwise known as Nightwing is back and he’s blue-er than ever!

**Minor spoilers abound below, so read the book first!!**


It’s been a while since Dick Grayson has donned tights, but in Nightwing #1 we finally get to see him return to his superhero roots. Tim Seeley and Javier Fernandez do an excellent job of bringing our boy in blue back to the scene, picking back up from the events of the Robin War and the Parliament of Owls.

To be fair, I’m not a Court of Owls fan. The idea of yet another secret society that knows all the secrets in Gotham and are behind every bad thing that’s ever happened to Bruce Wayne is enough to make me cringe. Particularly when they know the “big secret” that everyone else seems to know or hint at. So when I heard that the Owls would be back in Nightwing, I was a little disappointed. Seeley, however, is one of my favorite writers and I loved his run in Grayson, so let’s hope that Owls are just a temporary thing.

Thankfully, we got a lot of fun in this issue (which is definitely worth picking up, by the way) that mitigated the Owl nonsense! First of all, Fernandez’s art is totally perfect for Nightwing.  He’s got a great command of shadows and perspective, which is important for a character that’s frequently perched on buildings in one panel and jumping off them in the next. Not to mention, he does these excellent anime-like effects when characters are showing sudden emotion that’s totally brilliant. It amplifies the comedy of Dick’s “So it’s not a date?” moment and just makes the whole thing read a bit sweeter. An ace in hole for DC Comics, as the Fernandez/Seeley pairing just promises a good-looking book.

Now, about the plot. Before going off to meet his new mentor that is ‘better than Batman’–are we really going there again, seriously?–we get to see some sweet little flashbacks of Dick helping Damian beat up Batman, Dick going on a date that’s not a date with Babs, and lots of flipping and jumping from the acrobatic hero. As I like seeing Dick with his family, especially Damian and Batman, this was my favorite part of the book. Seeley captures Dick Grayson’s personality so well that every piece of dialogue leaps naturally off the page. Plus, Dick/Babs for the WIN!!!

Ahem. This issue is fun but it also sets us up for the old tried and true story of Dick Grayson infiltrating a bad organization in order to take them down from the inside. This is old hat for Grayson or Nightwing readers so let’s cross our fingers that it doesn’t last long. The DC Comics website summaries for future issues do suggest that we’ll be done with this by issue four, but the events of issue one will affect things for much longer.

I, for one, am looking forward to much, much more from Nightwing in the coming months, so I’ll definitely be picking up issue two (on sale next week)!

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