Dear Marvel, Goodbye


Dear Marvel,

There is no easy way for me to say this, so I’m just going to come out and say it; I think we need to break up.

I won’t deny that we had a good thing going for the past thirty years. You have been a rock in my life, helping me through some of my darkest moments. I can still remember the first time we met down at Romito’s Smoke Shop with my grandfather. You were just hanging out on the wall with all the other comics — I remember looking at all of them and picking you.

Admittedly, I haven’t always been the best for you either. There was that time in my early twenties when we stopped talking, and then again in my early thirties when I met my wife and had my son, but you were always on my mind. I had boxes of our memories still packed up in the closet.

We eventually got back together, and we’ve spent the majority of my life together, not apart. I hate to say this though, and it pains me, but you’ve changed so much since then.

I stuck by your crazy period in the 90s when you had a fascination with pouches and putting everyone in suits of armor. Like always, that phase in your life ended and life went back to normal. I guess it’s always been one of the things I’ve been drawn to about you, your willingness to try new things and experiment.

I even stuck by you through the years when you thought it would be cool to cancel our favorite ongoing comics, only to relaunch them again and again. I knew what you were doing, trying to catch lightning in a bottle with each new number one. That too passed, and things settled down again as they always did. I can even look back at those times, smile, and feel nostalgic compared to what you have become.

If I had to point a finger at one moment, to say this was when you changed, I’d say it all started when you began hanging around Disney. I might be wrong, and you might have always had these feelings inside of you just waiting to come out, but I doubt it. You see, when you spend thirty years of your life with someone, you start to understand them, usually better than they even understand themselves. This isn’t the real you, at least not the Marvel I first met all those years ago.

You used to be all about the story, dedicated to telling me something great. You still have that ability, sure, and there are flickers of that still. If there wasn’t, I doubt I’d have made it through the past seven years, yet I just can’t take it anymore. Oh, it didn’t start off this way. Like everyone else I thought the influence of your new friend Disney was great, and your movies had never been better, but to me you’ll always be the comics, not the movies.

I never thought I’d see the day that you would sacrifice parts of yourself, shunning the Fantastic Four and the X-Men the way you do now. It must be exhausting, how you constantly keep changing everything you do simply to fit in, to be liked by everyone. So the mutants and your first family have been coveted by Fox, so what? Is that any reason to cancel all their titles, treating their characters the way you do? Let’s not forget that you were doing the same thing to Spider-Man until Sony gave in to your demands.

You’ve changed, Marvel. And I barely recognize the world I fell in love with all those years ago. You care less today about your fans and more about whatever leads you to the next box-office record. That hurts. There was a time when your priority was telling the best story possible. It’s what made you the envy of your neighborhood. Everyone wanted to hang out with you, be like you, and not because you made the most money or appealed to everyone, rather because you were just you, the best storyteller we knew.

I hate to say it, but starting today we will no longer be seeing each other. I’ve decided that the best thing for me to do is distance myself from you because all you do anymore is hurt me needlessly. In the end, Marvel, you’ve become a plain old greedy guy, and I can’t stand watching it anymore.

I will always cherish what we had together; I wish you the best. Maybe someday, if you decide to stop all this nonsense, we can see each other again. But until then I’ll have to quit you cold turkey. If you’re concerned for me, don’t be. I’ve been hanging around a new crowd of people who see things like I do. I know you’ve heard of them, and please don’t think that I’m only doing it to spite you, but Image Comics, Boom Studios, Aftershock, Dynamite Entertainment, IDW, Dark Horse, and a number of other new friends will help me through this.

Take care of yourself — I truly wish you the best.

Love Always,

Your Onetime Biggest Fan

William Henry Dvorak
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27 Comments on Dear Marvel, Goodbye

  1. I have been feeling the same exact way! I do not think I am strong enough to let go yet.

  2. Valiant!!!!

  3. Kenneth mccoy // August 1, 2016 at 3:11 pm // Reply

    I am with you. However i cant give up just yet.

  4. Go do your thing but I don’t feel the same way at all. I see very little influence from the movies other than the inclusion of the SHIELD team. Instead we’ve got characters as radically different from their onscreen counterparts as possible, female Thor, Cap Falcon, Hydra Cap, a murderous Vision, industrialist Peter Parker, a brand new Hulk (not to mention the death of Banner), a deaf Hawkeye, a young black Iron Man, etc. To me, there hasn’t been a more exciting time to be a Marvel fan, as they are finally starting to shake up their toy box and offer a universe full of real stakes and developments that pave the road for new stories that are completely like anything that’s come before.

  5. Hurdylyn Woods // August 1, 2016 at 4:05 pm // Reply

    This is real. This has been my feelings for the past weeks since Marvel put out that free Preview magazine and there are NO X-Men titles scheduled outside of Death of X. it’s been pretty evident that Marvel or better yet Disney is being petty as Marvel made a (bad) deal with Fox and is willing to hurt these characters and fans due to movie money. It’s sad. Even the current state of X-Men comics are no where near the quality as they once were. If X-men go, I know I will easily drop Marvel and jump on board the train of other publishers whose books I’ve been missing out on because my budget was dedicated to Marvel. No X-men, no Marvel for me.

  6. Same feelings here, They’ve destroyed so many of there core titles, I’m a 40yr follower who also is about to call it quits. Dropped all my titles except the Hulk but that’s gonna go soon to as I hate what they have done.

  7. I feel that way about DC. Marvel are still cool.

  8. Geoff Canal // August 1, 2016 at 5:47 pm // Reply

    I quit reading Marvel comics after they did their “reboot” post Secret Wars. I have literally no interest in the new stuff because I feel like it’s just being pushed out and not honored. I miss the days when I could just simply pick up a Wolverine issue and it would be just that. But, it’s like oh you wanna know what’s happening in “this” story, well you need to read 15 other titles to understand what is happening. I like simplicity, it was nice.
    I can’t even enjoy any new comics anymore. So I just go back and read my old ones

  9. I dropped marvel on the announcement of civil war 2. Once it was announced I cancelled all books.

  10. I had to let you go. back in 1996 when you went crazy with die-cut covers and foil.

    If you really want to know why Marvel and I are have been on the skids for twenty long years.
    Read the book “Marvel Comics: The Untold Story by Sean Howe ” It is a sad story of how Money and Greed brought down the House of Ideas. I shed a little tear when I asked them to leave.
    I always knew something was terribly wrong with Marvel back then.

    Since then I have only been seeing Barks Ducks stories and some E.C. reprints.

  11. Civil War 2 was a poison pill for me..I saw it as attempting to squeeze blood out of a stone. I’m not fully out, but headed that way.

  12. DC and Marvel are pretty bad, they are a bit crazy with the reboots and remaking old characters. Stick with one setting and timeline and work from there and replace the characters as needed. You can run a mainline that dose that and a retro line that rehashes crap…..

  13. lmao so move on, youve outgrown a comic label… and? while you sulk and mope, ill enjoy the new movies, the new comics, the new netflix series, agents of shield, i enjoy it all, i dont expect an individual to do stuff my way, theres a reason they work and sometimes super hard to make YOU people satisfied, if it doesnt work for you move on, go read some spawn or some DC superman… why write an essay? The few lost feel that way, meanwhile i have HIGH expectations of spiderman, and at the end of the day, those people that act, write and direct gave it their all. HAVE SOME RESPECT.

  14. Gave up on Marvel comics nearly two decades ago… I only collect bronze age and earlier. Too many reboots, horrible story telling and terrible art turned me off. And then there were alternative character story lines, etc…..

  15. Reading this was a waste of time…enough so that I decided to waste more time expressing how ridiculous this material is.

  16. I can’t let go yet…….. Not ril they cancel all the X-men comics. Then I will go after 42 yrs !

  17. My sentiments exactly. I tested out a few books and found them horrible. But I gave on Marvel after the storyline A vs X. The characters were unrecognizable. Even more so since the Avengers movies. Marvel has given up on established characters in favor of lesser known characters and established diversity by abandoning those establish characters and replacing them. Instead of coming up with diverse new characters, they just given fans female and ethnic clones with the same powers. And the refuse to address the same problems ailing the rest of the industry…namely story lines way too long, inconsistant art, and prices that hardly merit the quality of the product. Instead they insist on chasing after the success of the movies. No thanks.

  18. All I read from marvel is xmen. Honestly I hate the combined world of all the super heroes. Each one started with a world with their own distinct flavor. It was better that way.

    It’s lazy for them to make their established characters minorities just to chase headlines. Put in the effort to make a real character that is new.

    I’ve been trending to one off stories lately and stories with an established timeline. Marvel is worse that a soap opera.

  19. NuMarvel and 52 was the end for me. It was hard, but for the best, when was the last time marvel or dc had an iconic cover? When did they have a storyline so good, they have to reprint it endlessly and still sell it out? Starlin’ss Warlock, Death of Phoenix, heck Marvel Tales was a ongoing reprint title, Classic X-men. I am not their audience anymore, it’s not me, it’s them.

  20. @DanGvozden — you’re sh*tting me! You like this crap? You like a young black Iron Man, a female Thor? You like Miles Morales Spider-Man too? I’m with the writer of this article. Hell, I was with him before he wrote it! I parted ways with MARVEL nearly a decade ago…after I had just gotten back from a long separation over the 90’s garbage! All this ethnic and gender diversity is great, I have no problem with MARV introducing a whole plethora of exciting new characters to empower females, minorities, all sexual orientations and even characters of different faiths. However, that is where my personal dilemma with MARV lies. They are NOT introducing all-new exciting characters as they did in the days of my youth. They’re just destroying MARVEL CANON one character at a time….

  21. Once Marvel erased the Wedding of Peter and MJ i pretty much gave up. Wolverine is dead. Thor is a girl. Cap is a secret Hydra agent. Red Hulk, Red She-Hulk. I really started collecting comics in 82. Near the end of every book there was the Marvel Checkbox which had about 30 titles all in one cohesive universe. There is no way you can pick-up a title nowadays and find a great starting point.

  22. I left years ago! As soon as all covers became character poses with virtually no sign of interaction, foreshortening or ‘excitement’. Oh yes, and writers & artists trying so hard to recreate reality it’s no longer ‘escapism’. Might as well read a normal novel – these modern stories don’t need pictures, as there’s nothing much to imagine. This makes the modern ‘graphic novel’ era to me extremely ‘childish’ in my opinion. Give me the days of Tom DeFalco anytime – you can’t ‘imagine’ THAT Marvel Universe. You really needed pictures to get the full deal.

  23. I haven’t 100% given up yet but I’m pretty much almost there. The constant reboots means I keep losing track of which creators and books to follow, so I’ve stopped reading several series because I couldn’t be bothered to go looking for the new volume. I’m just trade waiting on Ms. Marvel and that’s about the only current Marvel comic I’m reading, the rest is just me going back and reading stuff I missed.

    But I am actually glad for it, since that means I have more money to spend on indie books. Now if only they could actually come out on a regular schedule.

  24. Same feeling. Unfortunately Marvel turned political and ideological propaganda. Sad but true.

  25. Dropped Marvel at the Iceman retcon and haven’t looked back. I don’t blame Disney. I blame Quesada & Bendis for the PC rag Marvel has become. I also was on a limited budget reserved for Marvel books. Now I am enjoying Indy books I have been passing on for years due to budget constraints.

  26. I think DC are K.O’ing Marvel senseless at the moment with their books. The only decent things Marvel are producing are Ms. Marvel, All-New X-Men, and the ASM newspaper strip. Mostly everything else is tumblr clickbait trash that appeal to low-brow idiots

  27. Boycott all 20th century FOX X-MEN MOVIES! They destroyed the actual source Material for X-MEN & Fantastic Four! Because FOX won’t share with DISNEY! If you gotta watch the movies, watch the bootlegs until the DVD’S come out. Fox deserves another theatrical flop like fantastic four 2 to understand that We don’t want their Silly Flat fraudulent unrecognizable fakes the Mystique & the X-MEN show anymore! PS I’ll wait for the movies on HBO 🙂 P.S if Fox renegotiates with DISNEY like Sony did I’ll be back to collecting comicbooks!

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