The Super LLs!


The latest spin-off story from Tomasi’s “Last Days of Superman” features two kickass women from the New 52 universe, Lois Lane and Lana Lang, in Superwoman by Phil Jimenez. Outside of the alliteration, these ladies have another thing in common — they were both caught in Superman’s dying blast of energy and have since gained powers.

This book, touted by some as a Super-themed reboot of Jason Aaron’s Mighty Thor, is actually not that. Just to remind everyone, here is the summary provided by DC: “Imbued with the powers of Superman, Lois Lane pledges to use her powers to protect Metropolis as the new Superwoman. The only problem is, Lois’ new powers are killing her, and neither she nor her friend and confidant Lana Lang know what to do about it. Will Lois even survive long enough to find out the deadly secret of Ultra-Woman?”

That would be a no. Sure, Lois is now Superwoman, and she seems to be suffering nosebleeds whenever she uses her powers, but the summary is not the story we are introduced to in the first issue. Instead, we meet Lois as she introduces herself to Metropolis in the wake of Doomsday’s rampage. Throughout the book are flashbacks to Smallville, where Lois convinces Lana to help her master her powers and then later team up with her as superheroes. Oh yeah, Lana was hit by Superman’s blast too and she also has superpowers (which could be killing her too–who knows?). Where was that in the summary?

Not to mention Lex Luthor makes an appearance too, adding a third of Superman’s LLs to the mix. Both Lana and Lois are on the anti-Lex team and rightly point out that Luthor’s giant armed vessel in the harbor constitutes the militarization of Metropolis. Naturally, bad guys show up and attack Luthor’s tech, leaving it up to the superwomen to save the day. (Which is really awesome, if I haven’t said that already.)

When DC was marketing this book, they missed out on one huge idea: this could be a book about two superpowered female reporters who are total opposites (ala Grace and Frankie, anyone?) and are working to take down Lex Luthor’s reign as Superman before his master plan comes to fruition. That would likely attract more readers than a reboot of an established Marvel book, but that’s just one humble reader’s opinion.

So if you haven’t read this book yet, go and pick up the first issue. This beautiful book, courtesy of Jimenez, is fun and entertaining, and it promises great things for the future.

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